A new-generation tritec® laboratory ultra deep freezer offers you highest safety for the long-term storage of samples at a constant temperature of as low as -86 °C in continuous operation. The optimized, user-friendly deep freezers represent the current state of the art and offer high levels of energy efficiency due to special vacuum insulation plates.

The use of an eco-friendly refrigerant in certain ultra deep freezer variants is just a small contribution to our daily quest for low-emission technologies. Thanks to this innovative addition, we are setting standards for the laboratory technology of the future.

Get a laboratory ultra deep freezer as basic or premium model with an optional capacity of 175 to 1,011 litres.

According to current knowledge, our laboratory ultra deep freezer is suitable for storing a vaccine against COVID-19. These must be stored at a minimum -70 °C.

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Laboratory ultra deep freezer

By using special vacuum insulation plates (k-value: <0.005 W/m2K), we were able to reduce the running time of the compressor. This minimizes power consumption by 15 percent compared to previous models.

Depending on the model, a tritec® laboratory ultra deep freezer has the following features:

» Solid material door

» Temperature range

  • -60 °C to max. -86 °C (other temperature ranges on request)
  • Temperature accuracy at -80 °C: +/- 3.0 °C


» Volume

  • 175 litres to 1.011 litres (special sizes on request)


» High quality electronic temperature regulator

  • Acoustic and optical alarm signal when the desired value is exceeded or undershot
  • Open-door alarm
  • Alarm in case of a blocked capacitor
  • Alarm in case of a power failure
  • Compressor filter alarm (washable filter)
  • Regulator can be locked against manipulation


» Potential-free output

» Compressor system in cascade connection

Unique safety system for the maximum protection of your samples

Sample protection must be guaranteed in every situation, even in case of an electronics system failure. The special safety system in every laboratory ultra deep freezer of the current generation switches the compressors on permanently to ensure the permanent frozen state remains in place.

The big advantage: your samples are preserved!

The temperature regulator of the laboratory ultra deep freezer is equipped with a 24-volt battery. If the battery voltage drops below 20 volts (for example, if the electronic board fails) the compressor is permanently connected to the 220 volt supply. This means that no emergency service is necessary

Available with CO2 or LN2 safety system as an option

A tritec® laboratory ultra deep freezer can be customized according to your requirements. A variety of special equipment, such as carbion dioxide and liquid nitrogen safety systems, enables you to equip your laboratory ultra deep freezer according to your specifications.

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A laboratory ultra deep freezer for long-term storage of your samples

A laboratory ultra deep freezer made by tritec® enables you to always store your samples safely. Pharmaceutical, research and industrial laboratories trust in the high-quality products from tritec®. Our low-maintenance ultra deep freezers reach values as low as -86 °C and work precisely as well as reliably. In addition, they offer particularly high energy efficiency, as the running time of the compressors has been optimized by modern thermal insulation made of special insulation panels. The interior of an ultra deep freezer is made of stainless steel and thus meets the hygienic requirements of your laboratory.

You can choose between several models so that you can find the ultra deep freezer most suitable for your laboratory. Our models differ in size and capacity in particular: the ultra deep freezers range from a 175-litre table-top unit to a capacity of up to 1,011 litres. You can equip the small units with casters if needed. Our models TC 302, TC 303 and TC 304 have been updated with a new design, modern technology, and many additional safety aspects. The appliances are available in a basic and a premium version.


Ultra deep freezer: basic and premium

A basic version ultra deep freezer is ideal for the storage of long-term samples. The temperature can be set with an accuracy of 0.1 °C using the touchscreen temperature regulator. The premium version of an ultra deep freezer is suitable for daily use and offers a temperature accuracy of 0.1 °C as well. On the display of these devices, you can read statistics, temperature curves, alarm messages, and much more. The regulator is password protected so that unauthorized persons cannot operate it. Furthermore, you have the option to leave messages for colleagues. The premium version of an ultra deep freezer from tritec® is also equipped with a power-saving mode, so that the screen only activates when the user is nearby.

Of course, in addition to safety, you can rely on the high level of user-friendliness, because we know the specific requirements of a laboratory. Thus, we are able to offer reliable ultra deep freezers, freezers for blood plasmamedical refrigeratorscooling rooms, and many other devices. Our aim is to provide you with optimal conditions for your work with high-quality cooling products as well as climatic products.


Ultra deep freezer with optional equipment for your laboratory

Each of our ultra deep freezer models has a microprocessor-controlled temperature regulator whose digital display shows you the current temperatures at a glance. A heater is built into the door frame so that your laboratory staff can open our deep freezers at any time at temperatures as low as -86 °C. In order to keep the loss of cold as low as possible, the individual compartments have an inner door. The temperature regulator also triggers various visual and acoustic alarms, for example if the temperature exceeds or falls below the specified value, or if the compressor filter needs to be cleaned.

Optionally, you can also purchase insert sheets or a rack with stainless steel drawers for the interior as well as other accessories. Our competent employees will advise you. For this purpose, please contact us by phone, e-mail or by using our form. Technical details and the exact dimensions of the devices can also be found in the technical data sheets, which are available for each of our ultra deep freezer models on this page. This will give you a first impression of our high-quality appliances.


Ultra deep freezers and other ultra deep freezing devices by tritec®

A tritec® ultra deep freezer safely stores your valuable samples. At tritec®, we work to constantly optimize our devices, such as our laboratory ultra deep chest freezers, in order to exhaust all current technical possibilities. In doing so, we attach great importance to the fact that our products meet the high requirements of every pharmaceutical, research and industrial laboratory and exceed your expectations.

For more than 35 years, we have been developing high-quality refrigerators and climatic cabinets, so that we can offer you a wide and high-quality range of products. Thus, you will also find a suitable chromatographic refrigerator, a spark resistant laboratory refrigerator or a neutralization system within the scope of optional equipment. We react flexibly to additional requirements on your part and are happy to implement them for you, if they are feasible. We offer you refrigeration technology and HVAC technology for various fields of application as well as comprehensive service with which we support you in your work in the best possible way. Trust in the high quality of tritec®!