Climatic Cabinets

The environmental simulation chambers from tritec are ideal for materials testing under dynamic conditions. These cabinets are equipped with a temperature range of max. -9.9 °C to 70 °C and an active moistening and dehumidification to 96% rel. hum. The devices are available with a volume of 400 L to 1350 L. On request is a CO2 fumigation or adjustable lighting – to simulate the day / night rhythm – possible.

Additional information

tritec®-Climatic cabinets


  • 400 Litres
  • 600 Litres
  • 1350 Litres


Air circulation
for rapid and uniform temperature and humidity control, reducing the gradients to a minimum.


Microprocessor-controlled temperature and humidity controller

  • With digital LCD-display.
  • Entry with membrane keypad, readable on LCD-display.
  • Signalling in event of excess and falling of the set point acoustically.


Temperature ranges

  • -2°C to 70°C / Temperature accuracy +/- 0,3°C
  • 15°C to 60°C / Temperature accuracy +/- 2,0°C
  • Other temperature ranges on request


Humidity ranges

  • from 20% to 96% rel.hum. / humidity accuracy +/- 4 % r.F.         
  • from 40% to 90% rel.hum. / humidity accuracy +/- 5 % r.F.
  • Humidity provided by means of very fine atomising using ultrasonic humidifier.


Water quality:
For the humidity system distilled or deionised water has to be used. The cabinet can be connected to the own maintenance. Optional it is possible to use a water tank (10 litres) above or beside the cabinet. The water pressure should not exceed 1bar.


Solid door

  • With right or left-hand hinge
  • Partially with Inspection Window
  • Optional with door lock



Additional accessories:

  • Software
  • Door lock incl. 2 keys
  • Stainless steel shelves
  • Illuminated shelf
  • Printer (listing)
  • Socket outlet (damp room) located in the cabinet interior
  • Wall opening with piping connections and screw cap
  • Castors
  • CO2 fumigation

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