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    Laboratory Deep Freezer Chest

    The tritec® laboratory deep freezer chests with a temperature range down to -60 °C has been specially developed for pharmaceutical research and industry for use in laboratories. The chest represents an ideal solution for the safe storage of your goods by a prime temperature accuracy, especially at low temperatures.

    This freezer is available in numerous versions with a cooling capacity of 130 to 485 litres.





    The tritec® Laboratory Deep Freezer Chest has, depending on the model, extensive features:

    Solid lid
    -> Lockable

    Temperature range
    -> -10°C to -45°C or –60°C
    -> Temperature accuracy: +/- 3°C after stabilisation

    -> 130 litres up to 485 litres


    High quality electronic temperature regulator
    -> Digital selected- and actual value display
    -> Actual value permanently readable
    -> Selected value digital adjustable via membrane key pad.
    -> Temperature abnormalities optical acoustic displayed.


    Cable port with cover available in the lid or at the bottom, to create an access for operator measurement lines.

    Our tritec® Laboratory Deep Freezer Chests can be upgraded with a wireless datalogger, to record the temperature without a gap.

    Our tritec® Laboratory Deep Freezer Chests can be upgraded according to your wishes. A wide range of accessories allows you to equip your tritec® Laboratory Deep Freezer Chests according to your specifications and requirements.

    Have we piqued your interest?
    For more details please refer to the technical data sheets.
    Please select your preferred model: (other sizes on request)


    Our laboratory deep freezer chests for pharmaceutical, industrial and research applications

    With our laboratory deep freezer chest you can store your sensitive samples safely. Our in-house development department has designed a device with high-quality materials that corresponds to the current state of research and provides you with the best possible support. Whether with an industrial or pharmaceutical focus, we at tritec® offer your laboratory a low-maintenance deep freezer. With this you can store your goods at constant, self-defined temperatures from -10 to -60 °C with extreme precision. If, for example, the lid is a bit open, our freezer chests immediately alert you to a temperature fluctuation via an acoustic alarm. In this way we guarantee the safety of your samples and a trouble-free workflow. We at tritec® are your reliable partner who equips your laboratory with HVAC and refrigeration technology that meets your individual requirements. Therefore we offer you our laboratory deep freezer chests in different sizes from 130 up to 485 litres. Take a moment to view the technical data sheets and find out about the optional accessories.


    Customize a tritec® laboratory deep freezer chest for your laboratory

    Our laboratory deep freezer chests made of sheet steel and with epoxy resin coating meet the high requirements of a pharmaceutical laboratory. For hygienic reasons, the interior has only rounded corners and seamless thermal insulation. The latter consists of a 100 mm thick CFC-free polyurethane insulation, which guarantees excellent energy efficiency. For clear storage and direct access to your samples, we offer special coated wire baskets. Samples that are cooled over a longer period of time are therefore always in direct access.

    In the development of all our products, we attach great importance to supporting your daily processes. That’s why our laboratory deep freezer chests have an easy-to-use temperature controller with digital display. There you and your employees can read off the actual and target values at any time and make sure that they are operating reliably. Rely completely on one of our quiet laboratory freezers, which have an acoustic alarm system as an additional safety measure. We know how important safety, quality, and ease of use are for working in a laboratory. Our laboratory freezers combine these requirements, so if you have any questions about this or any other product, please feel free to contact us. Write us an e-mail at info@tritec-klima.de or call our service telephone number +49 511 3523508. We will be happy to answer your questions or advise you on our wide range of refrigeration and HVAC technology to find the best possible solution for your laboratory.


    All-round service for laboratory deep freezer chests and other refrigeration technology from tritec®

    For more than 30 years we have been developing precise equipment for different laboratories for the storage of sensitive samples such as laboratory deep freezer chests. As a pharmaceutical company, you benefit not only from our GMP-qualified equipment but also from our individual service. If you contact us, we will advise you comprehensively. With our expertise and wealth of experience, we offer laboratories high-quality equipment. If our product range does not include the appropriate dimensions, we will also work with you to implement a special design. Our reliable laboratory freezers as well as all other climatic cabinets convince by their quality and individualization possibilities. On your behalf, we look after all your laboratory equipment on your premises and carry out prescribed maintenance as well as qualification with a measuring case. Learn more about the services offered by tritec®, we’re looking forward to working with you!