The portable cool and deep freezer box by tritec® is specially constructed to transport sensitive preparations and products (for example blood products, highly sensitive organ parts, attenuated vaccines, etc.). Carry your sensitive products to their needed destination, whether it is for the healthcare industry such as rescue service or emergency rooms. The boxes can easily be transported via different modes of transport, such as car/car or airplane/car. These compressor portable cool and deep freezer boxes are available with two different temperature ranges (-24 °C to 10 °C or -24 °C to 40 °C).

Additional information

Equipped with built-in voltage selection switch of
12/24 volts DC to 230 volts AC (mains connection)

-> Temperature range

-> -24°C to 10°C  or

-> -24°C to 40°C

-> Capacity

-> 22 Litres up to 82 Litres

-> Isolation

  • High density (40 Kg/m³) foamed-in-place polyurethane, with a thickness of 80 mm. CFC-free. Thanks to the high thickness value, the refrigerator maintains the internal temperature for long time (also when it is not connected to any electrical source)


Digital electronic thermostat with incorporated alarm:

  • setpoint via button adjustable, readable, digital electronic.
  • View actual value permanently.
  • temperature maintenance / stabilization with rapid precision sensor



  • audible and visual when exceeding or falling below the setpoint


Error warning lamp
Signalling abnormal working situation, i.e.

-> Condenser or compressor temperature too high

-> Vehicle battery discharged

-> Wrong electrical connection


Our tritec® Cooling and Deep Freeze Portable can be upgraded with a wireless datalogger, to record the temperature during the transportation without a gap.

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Portable cooling and deep freezer box for transporting sensitive specimens

Portable cooling and deep freezer boxes are designed for the transport of organs, attenuated vaccines and other sensitive preparations. We offer transportable by hand boxes in two temperature ranges. From -24 °C to +10 °C or +40 °C, you define the optimum storage and transport conditions via the digital microprocessor-controlled temperature controller. The cooling unit is motor-driven with 12 or 24 Volt direct current, usually via a car battery. Alternatively, you can also connect the portable refrigerated freezer box to a 230 V socket. The low-noise portable cooling boxes guarantee an uninterrupted cold chain and an optimum temperature distribution due to the integrated evaporator.

The reliable portable cooling and deep freezer boxes are suitable for use in accident and emergency care as well as for special transport via several modes of transport. For example, a donor organ, optimally tempered, can be transported safely to its destination over long distances by car and/or plane within the specified time frame. The display informs your employees about the actual value. An alarm light informs about deviating conditions in the interior. For temperature documentation, you can optionally equip the transportable cooling box with a radio data logger, whose measuring interval you can define yourself. It is also possible to manufacture the coolers and freezers with a wall opening for external temperature sensors.


Portable freezer box with excellent thermal insulation

The separation of machine and operating parts from the interior and the high-quality thermal insulation prevent temperature fluctuations in the portable freezer boxes. The insulation consists of CFC-free PU rigid foam. It has a high density and is around 80 millimetres thick. The thickness of the insulation ensures that the temperature in the thermal bridge-free interior of the transport box is maintained for a longer period of time even without a direct power supply. A change of transport mode or transfer to a facility is therefore possible at any time.

The white-coated aluminium surfaces of the interior are easily accessible through the hinged lid. The inner jacket is made of one piece and reduces the risk of contamination. The temperature-resistant, portable cooling and freezer boxes are resistant to detergents and can be optimally maintained. The four side walls are equipped with an evaporator so that the temperature is evenly distributed. The refrigerant used in our coolers is R452A, or an equivalent. The weather- and UVA-resistant plastic has a circumferential seal and two side handles that make it easy to carry.


Rely on the stable and safe portable cooling boxes from tritec®

Our portable cooling boxes inform your transporters about excessively high interior temperatures or incorrect or discharged electrical connections. This enables your employees to react within a short period of time and protect the sensitive cargo. After use, defrosting takes place manually by disconnecting the vehicle from the electrical power source. To ensure that the impact-resistant and stable boxes are ready for use at all times, it is advisable to put them into operation early on or permanently, except for cleaning. At any time the already cooled down interior can be filled with preparations and the portable cooling and deep freezer box can be locked.

tritec® offers portable coolers and freezers with 22, 32, 56 or 82 litres volume. Choose the right size for your needs. When you purchase a portable cooler and freezer, we will send it to you with two electrical cables, a 12/24 V and a Schuko plug. This way, you can put the cooler directly into operation. The AC-DC adapter on the portable cooling and deep freezer box guarantees safe transport of sensitive goods at all times.