Incubators with CO2 fumigation


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Heating cabinets: state-of-the-art incubators and sterilizers by tritec®

At tritec®, we offer you heating cabinets as well as other cooling and climatic products of high quality. In the range of heating cabinets, we offer you powerful sterilizers and incubators, which we would be pleased to adapt individually to your requirements. Both types of heating cabinets are available in different sizes. Each device meets the current quality standards and is GMP-compliant (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ). Safety and precise functionality of our heating cabinets are guaranteed by a high-quality thermostat that reliably regulates the heating power. This ensures that the heating cabinet of your choice always operates within in the desired temperature range. Any deviations are reported immediately and of course reliably. As a modern component, the circulating air fan can be precisely regulated and thus it is possible to distribute the air evenly.


Heating cabinets: use a tritec® incubator for your research

In our selection of heating cabinets you can choose powerful incubators in order to store and incubate sensitive samples under constant conditions. We offer incubators in four different sizes (25, 51, 130 and 420 litres) to ensure that your new device fits perfectly into your existing laboratory environment. These heating cabinets are performing high-quality work even in the smallest of spaces. Your samples can be incubated in a temperature range from +5 °C to +99.9 °C. With our conception and design we focus on performance and user-friendliness: Once the incubator has reached the desired temperature, a control measurement is recorded at 30 minute intervals and an optical and acoustic alarm is triggered immediately in case of deviations. Once the incubation process is complete, you can start the sterilization cycle manually. This ensures the possibility of precise cleaning the inside of the incubator, so that you can start a new incubation process shortly afterwards.


Heating cabinets: sterilize your laboratory utensils

In our range of heating cabinets you will also find hot air drying cabinets. These can heat your samples within the range of +5 °C to +250 °C. Due to their heating capacity, these cabinets can be ideally used as sterilizers. These products are available in four different sizes. Choose between a capacity of 26, 53, 135 and 430 litres. Our heating cabinets comply with current quality and performance standards and guarantee precise heating up to a pre-defined value. Once the target temperature is reached, it is checked every 30 minutes. In case of deviations, an alarm is triggered. This is done both visually and acoustically.


Heating cabinets by tritec®: trust in our laboratory equipment and service

Trust in the high quality of our heating cabinets. Due to our long-term experience, we are specialised in creating a modern and productive laboratory inventory. We offer you the optimal solution for your workplace and guarantee the unlimited functionality of our products. In addition, we stand by you with a comprehensive service offer. If you ask for a custom-made product we are there for you. Please contact us. Our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions.