tritec® laboratory freezer with 2 temperature ranges are ideal for laboratories with limited space. The laboratory deep freezer combination is equipped with two completely separate cooling systems. Two temperature ranges can be set independently. This combination cabinets are also optionally available internally spark resistant.

Additional information

The tritec® Laboratory Deep Freezer with 2 temperatures has, depending on the model, extensive features:

  • Circulating air cooling
  • Three-layered glass door or solid door
  • Temperature range
  •  -5°C to max. -40°C (other ranges on request)
  • Temperature accuracy +/- 1,8°C / 2,0°C
  • Capacity 361 Litres up to 2300 Litres (other sizes on request)
  • High quality electronic temperature regulator, with interface RS 485
    • Digital selected- and actual value display, permanently readable.
    • Potential-free connection socket for extern alarm indication.
    • Selected value and alarm can be bolted against manipulation.
  • Acoustic and optical alarm indication when
    • Selected value is exceeded or insufficient (variably adjustable)
    • Faulty temperature sensor
    • “Door open” alarm (variably adjustable)
    • Defrost-time transgression (variable adjustable)
    • Power failure
  • Alarmsystem (Fault signalling equipmentwith separate temperature sensor
    • Acoustic and optical temperature alarm
    • Protect products against low or excess temperatures
    • Potential-free connection socket for extern alarm indication
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Serial interface RS 485
    • Software for alarmsystem

Our tritec® Laboratory Deep Freezer with 2 Temperatures  can be upgraded according to your wishes. A wide range of accessories allows you to equip your tritec® Laboratory Deep Freezer with 2 Temperatures according to your specifications and requirements.

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