With a climatic cabinet from our range of products, you receive a modern and high-quality processed device that complies with the current guidelines. We provide you with comprehensive services and are both your manufacturer and partner for your laboratory technology. Discover the advantages of climatic cabinets, climatic cabinets with CO2 fumigation, climatic cabinets with lighting and climatic cabinets for stability testing from tritec®.

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Climatic cabinets by tritec®: accuracy and reliability in perfection

For today’s modern laboratories, a climatic cabinet is an essential piece of equipment. A climatic cabinet is used for storing your samples in both the medical and industrial sectors as well as for research or material testing under dynamic conditions. With such a laboratory device from our company, you can create exactly the climatic conditions for your samples that you desire and change them at will. The high demands we place on the production of a climatic cabinet remain unchanged. This is the only way to guarantee the precision of our products and the production of usable results. Our safety control ensures that your materials are stored safely at constant temperatures. At the same time, tritec® – Gesellschaft für Labortechnik und Umweltsimulation GmbH remains at your side as a reliable partner. In addition to providing individual advice, our low-maintenance drying cabinets, incubator rooms, as well as other products from the field of HVAC technology support you in your work every day.


Climatic cabinet: a large selection at tritec®

Because every laboratory has different spatial conditions and objectives, we provide you with a climatic cabinet that suits you in terms of size, function and design. We at tritec® have dedicated ourselves to a responsible task, the equipment of your laboratory, and therefore offer you numerous variants of climatic cabinets. These hold between 400 litres and 1,350 litres, depending on the volume. All models cover a temperature range from a maximum of -9.9 °C to +70 °C, and the humidity can also be adjusted.

In addition to our basic equipment, we supply further types of climatic cabinets that are tailored to a specific area of application. For example, you can get a climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation from our range. This enriches the enclosed air up to 20 percent with CO2. Additionally, our climatic cabinets with lighting are an optimal solution to control the growth of organisms by temperature, humidity and furthermore by light conditions. You can find initial information in the data sheets on our website.


Climatic cabinets that suit your laboratory: our customised products

Of course, you also have the option of requesting a climatic cabinet that has been specially made for you. We know that laboratory equipment must be optimally matched to your environment and your project. This is the only way to create the conditions for smooth work with the best possible efficiency. If you would like to purchase such a climatic cabinet, please contact us and let us know your requirements. Together with you and our expert advice, we will develop the right solution for your laboratory based on your specifications.

Alongside our comprehensive HVAC technology, we offer you numerous products from our refrigeration technology. In this segment, you will find a wide range of the usual high-quality equipment and reliable technology. Discover laboratory refrigerators such as the medical refrigerator or laboratory deep freezers like the freezer for blood plasma. With our combination units, you get medical refrigerators with two temperature ranges. This way, you expand the equipment of your laboratory technology with further helpful products, that complement your climatic cabinet.


Climatic cabinets and more: invest in the future of your laboratory with tritec®

At tritec® we guarantee the high quality of a climatic cabinet and all other products from our company. The basis for this is our many years of experience. Thanks to our certified quality management and reliable testing mechanisms, our products are subject to regular control and further development. Through continuous reflection and analysis of our individual production steps, we have developed into the reliable specialist that we are in the field of HVAC technology and environmental simulation. Your laboratory will receive a climatic cabinet that works precisely and reliably. Such equipment is essential to your success because it forms the foundation of your work. We understand the importance of comprehensive support and advice when choosing laboratory equipment and are therefore happy to be your responsible partner.