Neutralization systems by tritec® have been developed to thoroughly neutralise contaminated laboratory wastewater for discharge into the wastewater system. All our neutralization systems operate fully automatically. Due to their compact design, our neutralization systems can find a place even in small laboratories, similar to our laboratory refrigeratorslaboratory deep freezers and freezers for blood plasma. Get a modern unit for your laboratory and enjoy our comprehensive service and a wealth of experience of almost 40 years.

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tritec®’s neutralization systems

  1. 1. Aquaclean TC 102Fully automatic and self-regulating, contaminated water (wastewater) is neutralised (pH 6.5 to 7.5) and pumped into the wastewater line. Service-friendly, easy to install, and space-saving, the AQUACLEAN TC 102 is to be set up in the area of the sink, at the wash basin etc.From the sink or wash basin, the wastewater is directly fed into the neutralisation tank and collected there.

    Neutralization capacity: 150 I/h

    It is possible to connect a recorder for observing the pH value on the control panel. Therefore, you are able to completely document the sewer discharge.

    2. Aquaclean TC 105

    The chemically contaminated wastewater runs in the free inlet into the wastewater storage tank and is led through a solenoid valve into the neutralization system. Level probes control and monitor the level (“min”, “max”, “alarm”) in the wastewater storage as well as in the neutralization tank

    Neutralization capacity: 450 I/h

    This type of construction consists of four assemblies, pre-constructed at the factory. The type of installation can be largely adapted to local operational situations.

    • Neutralization systems as compact units
    • Dosing tank “caustic” (NaOH), “acid” (HCI)
    • Control cabinet with a switch in the visible working area
    • A collecting tank for wastewater: (500 I) on rack

    3. Aquaclean TC 2000

    The chemically contaminated wastewater runs in the free inlet into the wastewater storage tank and is pumped by a centrifugal pump into the neutralization system. Level probes control and monitor the level (“min”, “max”, “alarm”) in the wastewater storage and in the neutralization tank.

    Neutralization capacity: 1.800 I/h

    A compact design of the neutralisation unit with attached control cabinet and dosing pumps placed next to it. Extended base plate to protect piping, mixing channel pumps, and other components are located on the right and left sides. Large neutralisation tank with approx. 800 l capacity. Wastewater storage tank of approx. 2.000 l capacity.

    Special designs:

    • detoxification
    • heavy metal precipitation
    • filtration
    • variable sizes
    • special materials
    • basic model technology that can flexibly be adapted to special operating conditions


    Other customised models available upon customer request.

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Neutralization systems by tritec® – a modern solution for your laboratory

Neutralization systems are an essential part of almost every laboratory, due to vast amounts of chemically contaminated laboratory wastewater that accumulate in daily use. Before it can be discharged into the public sewer system, it must first reach a certain pH value. For this purpose, the laboratory wastewater is neutralised by the addition of further chemical elements. Depending on its composition, the elements in question are dosed alkalis or acids. To control this process, neutralization systems are needed that complete those processes fully automatically.

Our neutralization systems are manufactured by our wealth of experience and can be flexibly adapted to your requirements if necessary. At tritec®, we are your reliable partner when it comes to equipping laboratories with our precise climatic products or cooling products. In addition to providing professional and competent advice to our customers, we attach great importance to the continuous optimisation of our products through internal testing mechanisms. Therefore, our equipment is always state-of-the-art. Invest in your laboratory for the long term with reliable and modern neutralization systems. We will be happy to advise you!


Find optimal neutralization systems for your project

Choose neutralization systems that fit your laboratory. Our product range includes three standardized systems that have been developed on the basis of our own high quality standards and the experience we have gained over the decades. The neutralization systems differ mainly in size and thus also in their performance. Our smallest, the Aquaclean TC 102, converts 150 litres per hour and the Aquaclean TC 2000, our largest plant, 1.800 litres per hour. A clearly arranged and detailed overview for each individual neutralization system can be found on the deposited data sheets on this page. Of course, we also manufacture special models on customer request. Please let us know in a personal conversation. Together we will find the optimal solution for your laboratory!


tritec®’s neutralization systems support you with innovative technology

We are aware that you need high-quality neutralization systems and other futuristic laboratory equipment for your demanding work in the laboratory in order to be able to work precisely. Our goal is to support you optimally in your research. This is our incentive for the development of low-maintenance products and their optimisation by means of certified quality management. That is the reason why even our smallest of our neutralization systems offers a connection for a recorder. This always ensures complete documentation of the discharge of the wastewater into the sewer system.

Both the Aquaclean TC 105 and the Aquaclean TC 2000 have a wastewater storage tank whose filling level is monitored and controlled by level probes. All systems run independently and fully automatically, so that actual work can continue while the laboratory wastewater is being neutralised and transferred.


Neutralization systems and more: tritec®’s modern climatic products

Get neutralization systems and more climatic products at tritec®. Our laboratory equipment is state-of-the-art. To achieve this, we work closely with a wide variety of laboratories. This has given us a wealth of experience of almost 40 years, which helps us produce equipment that makes your laboratory work more efficiently. We supply your laboratory with the latest climatic products that achieve the highest precision, ranging from climatic cabinetsclimatic rooms and incubators to sterilizers. Get the right product from us.


Neutralization systems: divert the water from your cooling products

Through our neutralization systems, your laboratory wastewater quickly reaches the desired pH value – regardless of whether you store your sensitive samples in a medical refrigerator, in a deep freezer room or in another device from the range of cooling products by tritec®. With the design of our devices, we always make sure that your samples are stored professionally and that any by-products can be disposed of in accordance with the regulations. Trust our range when it comes to innovative laboratory equipment. At tritec® we are looking forward to cooperating successfully with you!