Touchscreen temperature regulator TC 2015 from Tritec

Reliability is tritec®‘s top priority – with the TC 2015 touchscreen temperature regulator for medical refrigeratorsblood bank refrigeratorslaboratory refrigeratorsblood plasma freezers and laboratory deep freezers as well as for the cooling room and deep freezer room, you can maintain an overview while setting and checking exactly how your medications, samples, blood banks and other sensitive goods are stored.

Various functions enable the TC 2015 to provide one hundred percent safety and accuracy – because that is exactly what matters. All settings can be made and checked on the convenient 12.5 cm touchscreen-display. The PT1000 temperature sensors used guarantee better accuracy of the temperature regulation. In addition, the TC 2015 is password-protected to prevent tampering.

Alarm-protected cooling processes in refrigeration technology from tritec®

The TC 2015 touchscreen temperature regulator for your refrigeration technology from tritec® is particularly impressive due to its user-friendly application and storage of all important events, such as temperature values, alarm signals, parameter changes, etc., which can be easily read out directly from the regulator via USB stick or network connection and transferred to your software. Acoustic and optical alarm signals are displayed on the temperature regulator and stored in the alarm list.

Because sample protection within the cooling products is immensely important for laboratories and medical facilities, the special safety system of the TC 2015 must also be able to respond in case of a power outage. If this happens, the temperature controller on your laboratory refrigerator or deep freezer is supplied by an off-grid battery with automatic activation.

All control functions and the monitoring unit remain in operation for about 72 hours, so that a prompt reaction is possible and the reliable operation of your medical refrigerator, blood bank refrigerator, laboratory refrigerator, blood plasma freezer, laboratory deep freezer or cooling and deep freezer room is guaranteed. In addition, the battery charge level is visible on the display at all times.

One system for all scenarios

The graphical representation of the temperature curve shows you the trajectory of the interior temperature at first glance. Up to 100 alarm settings are saved in the alarm storage and can be checked on the display. Various other events relating to the upright freezer or laboratory refrigerator, such as parameter changes, door openings or refrigeration functions, are saved by the TC 2015 for about four weeks and can also be reviewed on the display.

Regular maintenance ensures the function of your system, reduces repair costs, extends the service life and thus serves to maintain the value. For this reason, a maintenance message appears on the display whenever necessary. Since all relevant components for running the laboratory refrigerator, medical refrigerator, blood bank refrigerator or the laboratory deep freezer are located in the housing of the touchscreen temperature regulator, the control unit can be easily replaced if necessary.

The standard equipment includes an Ethernet interface and a connection for an external isolated alarm signal. The installation of a Wi-Fi module is optional, as is the possibility of remote maintenance. If you have any further questions about the TC 2015 temperature regulator, our refrigeration technology or our HVAC technology within our incubator rooms, drying cabinets and many more, please contact us!