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    Cooling Chamber

    The tritec® cold stores are not only for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. For your specific application areas, these cold rooms provide the desired reliability, accuracy and security for the entire temperature range from -2 °C to 20 °C. To achieve this even with a low power consumption, the latest technology for cooling, temperature controller and isolation will be used. The dimensions of the cold room, as well as numerous equipment options are freely selectable, so that the cold storage room adapts to your needs.



    Cooling Room

    Temperature range from -2°C up to 20°C
    Available in different sizes. Dimensions of the cooling compartment freely selectable.

    Self-supporting wall, ceiling and floor elements
    In sandwich construction type, 60 to 100 mm thick thermal insulation made from polyurethane hard foam (closed cell) with a foam density of 40 kg/m³ and a thermal conductivity group 025 according to DIN 4108.

    Thermal bridge free cell elements, sturdy and measurement accurate. Element connection via slot/spring system with PE foam band sealing between the elements inside and corrosion protected eccentric clamping locks. Wall and ceiling elements inside and outside made from steel sheeting, galvanised, with antimicrobial SilverProtec coating, colour: white.

    Door width adjustable from 700 up to 1000 mm x 2000 mm, single leafed. (on request bigger sizes as a double-leafed door), Door hinge selectable DIN right or left, door in the wide side of the cell. Door opening to the outside, close fitting with magnetic sealing profile.

    Features according to customers request:

    • Capacity: 5 m3 to 100 m3, other sizes on request
    • horizontal / vertical air convection provides excellent uniformity
    • electronic PID controller for temperature
    • Cable port of 30 mm to 200 mm diameter
    • on request: stainless steel housing
    • on request: CO2 electronic controller (1% up to 20%)
    • wide range of accessories

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    A cooling chamber can be used for many professional applications

    When it comes to cooling chambers the majority think at first of medical and pharmaceutical applications. But a cooling chamber with a temperature range of -2°C to +20°C is also suitable for storing materials under constant climatic conditions. The precision and quality of the cooling chambers are achieved through the perfect interaction of cooling, temperature regulation and insulation. And of course, a cooling chamber by tritec® also has various safety checks. So you can be assured that you receive a precise and low-maintenance cooling chamber that is specially designed to meet your requirements. This is incorporated into your daily laboratory work, streamlines your processes and equips your facility for the future. This is of course true for the entire portfolio from the areas of refrigeration and climate control technology. Take a moment and have a closer look. Should you have any questions regarding the realisation of an individually custom-built cooling chamber or the associated accessories, please contact the experienced employees at tritec®. We will gladly assist you.


    Have your cooling chamber custom-built

    When you chose a cooling chamber by tritec®, you can be sure to receive a reliable model that meets your expectations. The standard cooling chamber has a capacity area of 5m3 to 100m3, however, you can freely select the precise dimensions. You can also even determine, for example, the width of the door. Should you require advice when planning the cooling chamber, there are qualified employees at tritec®, who will gladly assist you. For example, you can clarify which wall thickness is required for the insulation that is best suited to your purpose. In every case, the energy-saving cooling chamber corresponds to state of the art technology and provides precise cooling during operation as well as numerous safety checks. tritec® will gladly equip the cooling chamber with further features, such as the touchscreen temperature regulator TC 2015, with which your employees can set the desired tempering in the cooling chamber interior. Naturally, tritec® also offers a wide range of accessories. For example, the housing of your cooling chamber can receive a stainless steel finish. To receive an initial offer please complete the request form and send it via email to info@tritec-klima.de. tritec® will promptly review your details and contact you.


    The cooling chamber is proof of the quality and the service of tritec®

    For several decades it has been the incentive of tritec®, to equip you with high-quality laboratory devices. Accordingly, you as the customer always take centre stage. In addition to the specialised knowledge and the large wealth of experience, the certified quality management and the development department constantly work towards further optimising our products, such as the cooling chambers. This means that all products are characterised by the highest quality combined with state of the art technology. Each tritec® product meets the specific requirements of each and every laboratory regarding safety, precision and reliability.

    Furthermore, tritec® knows through its close connection to the customer how the user-friendly aspects can be improved and so also how your in-house operation processes can be optimised. When you take a close look at the products, such as the cooling chamber, you will notice that tritec® is not content with mere standards. Indeed, the flexibly adaptable climate control chambers always permit you to customise them individually according to your wishes so that they suit your laboratory requirements exactly. Simply talk to us at tritec® and together we will construct a cooling chamber precisely according to your specifications that you can then further perfect with optional accessories.