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Custom-made coldrooms according to the current state of refrigeration technology

Coldrooms are of great importance, especially in medicine. If your refrigerator does not provide enough space to store your materials, samples or medication, tritec® will build you coldrooms and deep freezer rooms that are precisely tailored to your laboratory. During production, the specific requirements of your industry, such as DIN 58345 for pharmaceutical companies, are taken into account so that you are guaranteed first-class quality. tritec® uses only high-quality materials in the manufacturing process and thus provides you with a low-maintenance and reliable room that corresponds to the current state of the art. The production process incorporates decades of experience and the broad expertise of tritec®, which helps us not only with coldrooms but also with medical refrigerators and spark-resistant refrigerators. State-of-the-art technologies in the field of insulation, cooling and inside the temperature controller ensure that the custom-made coldrooms work precisely and save energy. They are also characterised by their user-friendliness and high safety standards. The coldrooms can range from -2 °C to +20 °C and the deep freezer rooms from -10 °C to -80 °C, the exact details are up to you or your specific requirements. Don’t settle for the standard, let us design a coldroom that is individualised for your company.


High-quality cooling and deep freezer rooms on the basis of your specifications

The path to an optimal designed coldroom for your laboratory is extremely simple for you, because you will find downloadable .pdf files on the cooling rooms and deep freezer rooms pages This file clearly lists the information that the experienced tritec® employees need to implement your specific requirements. Open the document and fill in your contact details, the desired dimensions, the required temperature range and the optional equipment before sending the file by e-mail to In order for the tritec® employees to be able to build the room adapted to your company, you must describe the material to be stored and list the quantity and other relevant information. Based on this information, tritec® can design a coldroom or deep freezer room that fully meets your expectations.


Individual coldrooms designed for your work and best service

If tritec® has convinced you in the joint planning and implementation of your cooling or deep freezer room, continue to trust the experts and take advantage of the comprehensive service offer. By carrying out regular repairs as well as qualifications with a measuring case, tritec® takes care of your entire HVAC and refrigeration technology. We offer you the possibility to adapt products to your needs and to benefit from a customized service, among other things, through the optional accessories. The certified quality management is constantly working to further improve the range of products. With tritec® you get an experienced partner, who supports you with high-quality coldrooms as well as climatic cabinets, neutralization systems, and heating cabinets. These significantly facilitate the daily work in your company by highest accuracy and enormous operating comfort. Invest in your future success with a first-class cooling or deep freezer room that has been planned and manufactured on the basis of your profile.