tritec®’s mobile cooling and deep freezer boxes are specially designed for transporting sensitive preparations and products. Use our devices for highly sensitive organ parts, blood products, live vaccines and the like. Whether you work in the emergency sector and need the mobile deep freezer or cooling boxes in case of an accident or you would like to transport sensitive goods via several modes of transport, for example by airplane/car or car/car: the mobile deep freezer boxes and cooling boxes by tritec® can carry your sensitive products safely to their destination. These compressor boxes are available with two different temperature ranges (-24 °C to 10 °C or -24 °C to 40 °C).

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Mobile cooling and deep freezer boxes by tritec®

Equipped with a built-in voltage switch from
12 / 24 volt direct current to 230 volt alternating current (mains connection)


  • 22 liters to 82 liters


Temperature range

  • from -24 °C to 10 °C or
  • from -24 °C to 40 °C



  • PU rigid foam with a thickness of 80 mm. Due to the strong insulation, the device maintains the temperature for a long time, even when not connected to an electrical source.


Digital temperature controller controlled by microprocessor

  • set point adjustable by push button, readable, digital electronic
  • actual value permanently displayed
  • temperature maintenance/stabilization by responsive precision sensor


Alarm signal

  • acoustical and optical in case of exceeding or falling below the set point (variable adjustable)


Alarm light – signals abnormal operation, for example

  • evaporator or compressor temperature too high
  • car battery discharged
  • incorrect electrical connection


The tritec® mobile cooling and deep freezer boxes can be equipped with a wireless data logger
to seamlessly document the temperature during transport.

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Mobile deep freezer boxes and cooling boxes: reliably maintaining the cold chain

The mobile deep freezer boxes as well as cooling boxes by tritec® guarantee the safe transport of sensitive samples. The boxes are able to maintain the cold chain while blood samples are transferred from practices and clinics to a laboratory for examination, and pharmacies are supplied with medications and vaccination. Portable units also ensure safe transport at constant temperatures when transporting organs from donors to recipients.

The mobile deep freezer and cooling boxes are also suitable for safely transporting the contents over longer distances in several means of transport, such as a car or an airplane. They can be powered by 12 or 14 volts DC, for example from a car battery. Even without power supply, the portable devices maintain the temperature for several hours. There are handles on two sides of the sturdy housing which enables you to carry the mobile cooling and deep freezer boxes comfortably. So if you need mobile devices for rescue or special transport, you will find them here at tritec®. We are the experts for cooling products as well as climatic products.


Mobile deep freezer boxes and cooling boxes in different sizes and in best quality

The mobile deep freezer boxes as well as cooling boxes by tritec® are made of high-quality UVA-resistant plastic. In order to permanently maintain the set temperature, the devices are equipped with an 80 millimetre thick PU rigid foam thermal insulation as well as seal and the lid is also insulated. The actual value is also permanently output to you via a digital display. This way, you can make sure that the optimal temperature prevails in the box during transport. The desired temperature is entered using the keys on the microprocessor-controlled temperature controller. It also has an integrated alarm system that triggers an acoustic and visual alarm when the temperature exceeds or falls below the set point. The alarm light also signals, among other things, that the car battery is discharged. The reliable portable devices meet the highest hygienic standards and are convincing in their quality, which is also characterised in practice by easy handling.

You can choose between tritec®’s portable devices with a temperature range from -24 °C to +10 °C or from -24 °C to +40 °C. Find the box that suits you in function and need. Starting at 22 litres capacity, the largest model has a full 82 litres capacity. Conveniently place your product in the aluminum wire mesh basket of the cooling or deep freezer box, close the latch, and the products are ready for transport


Mobile cooling and deep freezer boxes as well as more innovation from tritec®

Get mobile equipment, such as mobile deep freezer boxes, with high-quality workmanship at tritec®. For nearly 40 years, we have been working closely with laboratories, therefore we know the specific requirements of various laboratories and companies for mobile cooling or deep freezer boxes and other laboratory equipment. In our product range you will find, for example, climatic cabinetsspark resistant laboratory deep freezerscooling rooms and incubators. Inquire and buy now!

Based on experience and expertise, the development department, in close cooperation with the certified quality management, designs precisely working and low-maintenance products that support you in the best possible way. In addition, with regard to your specific needs, we enable you to individualise the products with optional accessories and special equipment.

For example, we can supply the portable devices with an optional wall opening so that you can connect your own temperature sensor externally. With the optional equipment of the wireless data logger system, you can also document the temperature profile. Up to 10,000 measurements can be stored and you determine the sampling interval. If you have any technical questions, for example about the mobile deep freezer boxes, please contact us at tritec®. We offer you a comprehensive individual service and are looking forward to your contact request!