tritec®’s hot air drying cabinet for your laboratory corresponds to the current state of the art. With a temperature range from 5 °C above ambient temperature to 250 °C, the drying cabinet for your laboratory is ideal for use in science, research and industry. The laboratory unit is available with a volume of 26 to 430 litres. Due to its compact design, the drying cabinet requires little space in the laboratory.

All drying cabinets of this series are equipped with an adjustable circulating air fan, real-time clock and real-time program. The interaction between temperature controller and heater guarantees you optimal temperature stability. Find out below about the advantages of a drying cabinet as laboratory equipment from our company.

Additional information

tritec® – hot air drying cabinets (Sterilizer)

Temperature range

  • 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 250 °C
  • temperature accuracy temporal +/-1.0 °C
  • temperature accuracy spatial +/-1.5 °C



  • 26 litres
  • 53 litres
  • 135 litres
  • 430 litres

Two of the four models are tabletop and stackable.


Solid material door

  • with right-hand hinge
  • magnetic sealing strip all around – resistant to laboratory cleaning agents
  • partly available with viewing window


Circulating air fan
Fan speed adjustable in 10 steps


PID temperature controller
With digital LCD display: temperature and time are entered via a membrane keypad and can be read on the display – the keypad is password protected to deny access to unauthorized persons



  • over- and undertemperature alarm
  • temperature sensor error
  • data error
  • power failure


Alarm output
A potential free contact for external use is available


Temperature memory in the temperature controller
In order to control the temperature regulation, reading of the temperature (min./max./average) on the control is possible


Standby mode


Two different programs for timers are possible.

  • Standard timer
  • Real time program


Safety thermostat
Automatic safety system that works independently of the microprocessor control – turns off the heaters in the incubator in order to prevent overheating


Other accessories:

  • breakthrough of the wall with a cover

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A modern drying cabinet for your laboratory by tritec®

Complete your laboratory equipment with a hot air drying cabinet. A hot air drying cabinet, also known as a sterilizer, is part of the basic equipment in specialized laboratories and contributes to the success of research and industry. In a laboratory, drying cabinets are used on a daily basis. tritec® develops, builds and sells this sterilizer and other heating cabinets, like incubators, with your specific requirements in mind. With us you can acquire a reliable and low-maintenance drying cabinet for your laboratory and lay the foundation for your further success with its precise and modern technology.

Find out more about our current TS 9000 series, which is the result of our certified quality management and in-house research. The new version of our successful series impresses with its reliability and intuitive handling. In addition, the current series has a high level of safety in use. For example, the automatic shutdown protects your samples and thus your work in case of overheating.

Expand your possibilities with our modern laboratory equipment and optimize processes in your laboratory with a powerful drying cabinet. In the laboratory, you can use them to dehumidify materials under precisely defined temperatures or use our heating cabinets for sterilization or storage.


Reliable hot air drying cabinet: support for your laboratory

You can get an initial overview of the respective features of a drying cabinet for your specialist laboratory by using our data sheets to compare the different capacities and dimensions. Here you will also find technical details as well as optional accessories. The current series of our heating cabinets has an extended temperature range starting at 2 °C above ambient temperature. A maximum of 250 °C can be reached.

You can set the temperature on the PID temperature controller and monitor it at any time during operation with a glance at the digital display. Choose one of the two time runs and solve upcoming tasks in your laboratory optimally with our drying cabinet. This has a timer that is automatically activated when the setpoint is reached. Furthermore, the drying cabinet allows you to switch between two different temperatures. To do this, all you need to do is precisely specify the temperature information and time interval on the controller. The keypad is password-protected as an additional security measure, so that any unintentional contact will leave your entered parameters untouched. Another control function is temperature storage, which starts 30 minutes after the setpoint you defined is reached.


The drying cabinet and other laboratory equipment by tritec®

Invest in a drying cabinet that supports you in the laboratory by offering your samples optimal temperature stability. Precision, reliability and safety are quality features that characterize all products from our company. As a renowned company, tritec®, with its certified quality management, focuses on continuous further development in order to be successful together with you.

At tritec® Gesellschaft für Labortechnik und Umweltsimulation you will find numerous other products from HVAC technology besides the hot air drying cabinet. For example, you can choose between climatic cabinetsclimatic rooms and neutralization systems. Also discover our cooling products, if required – here you can equip yourself with medical refrigeratorschromatographic refrigeratorsspark resistant laboratory refrigeratorslaboratory deep freezer chestsice flake makers and much more. Of course, we pay attention to the usual high quality of tritec® products.

Contact us and get to know us and our range of services. We offer you comprehensive and individual advice on drying cabinets and other topics. Our high-performance laboratory equipment can contribute significantly to your success.