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    tritec® Sterilizer (Dry oven)

    The efficient dry ovens/sterilizers of the company tritec® with a temperature range of 5 °C above ambient to 250 °C are suitable for applications in science, research as well as industry and are corresponding to the latest technology. Sterilizers are available with a capacity of 26 litres to 430 litres. The compact design of the dry oven requires little space in the laboratory. All sterilizers of this series are equipped with an adjustable air circulation fan, real-time clock and real-time program. The interplay between temperature controller and heating, guarantees an optimum temperature stability.


    tritec® Sterilizer (Dry oven) Temperature range:

    • 5°C above environmental temperature to 250°C
    • Temperature accuracy  temporal: +/-1,0°C
    • Temperature accuracy spatial: +/-1,5°C.


    • 26 Litres
    • 53 Litres
    • 135 Litres
    • 430 Litres

    Two of the four models are table models and stackable   Solid door

    • With right-hand hinge
    • Additional inner door of glass
    • Magnetic, all-round sealing strip, resistant to laboratory cleaning agents
    •  Partially with Inspection Window

      Fan Fan speed adjustable in 10 steps.   Microprocessor-controller Input of nominal value via keyboard, digital LCD-indication, readable. Realization of actual value, digital LED permanently indicated. Keyboard is password protected, in order to refuse unauthorized persons access.   Alarms

    • Over-temperature alarm
    • Low temperature alarm
    • Sensor error
    • Real-time clock setting
    • Data error
    • power failure

      Alarm output One potential free contact for external use is available   Temperature storage in the temperature controller To monitor the temperature control. Read the temperature (min. / Max. / Average) convenient to the regulator.   Standby mode   Timer There are two different programs for possible timings.

    1. Standard timer
    2. Real Time Program

      Safety thermostat Automatic safety system that operates independently of the microprocessor controller. Switches the heating off, to prevent overheating   Additional accessories:

    • Wall opening with piping connections and screw cap

    Have we piqued your interest? For more details please refer to the technical data sheets. Please select your preferred model: (other sizes on request)  

    Dry ovens for your laboratory based on the latest technology

    Dry ovens and sterilizers are part of the basic equipment in specialist laboratories and contribute to the success of research and industry. Usually the dry oven is used every day, so tritec® develops, builds, and sells this and other HVAC and refrigeration equipment with regard to the special requirements. Get a reliable and low-maintenance sterilizer for your laboratory. Lay the foundation for your future success with precise and up-to-date technology.

    Find out about our current TS 9000 series, which emerged from our quality management and in-house research. The new version impresses with its reliability and intuitive operation. In addition, the current series offers a high degree of safety. For example, the automatic switch-off in the event of overheating protects your samples and thus your work.

    Expand your possibilities with our modern laboratory equipment and optimize processes in your laboratory with a powerful dry oven. Dehumidify materials at precisely defined temperatures or use the heating cabinet for sterilization or storage.

    Dry oven and sterilizers combined for your laboratory

    We offer you a combination of dry ovens and sterilizers in different sizes, from 26 litres to 430 litres in volume. You can get an initial overview of the respective properties with our data sheets in order to compare the capacity and dimensions with each other. The technical details and optional accessories are also displayed here. Compared to their predecessors, the devices of the current series have an extended temperature range starting at +2 °C above the ambient temperature. They can reach a maximum of +250 °C.

    Use the PID temperature controller to set the temperature that you can monitor at any time during operation by looking at the digital display. Decide on one of the two time courses and optimally solve the tasks in your laboratory with our sterilizer. On the one hand, the sterilizer has a timer which is automatically activated when the set point is reached. On the other hand, the laboratory instrument also allows you to switch between two different temperatures. To do this, enter the exact temperature data and the time interval on the controller. As an additional security measure, the keyboard is password protected so that an unwanted contact does not cause a malfunction or change of your entered parameters. Another control function is temperature storage, which starts 30 minutes after reaching the set point you have defined.

    These quality features distinguish tritec® dry ovens

    Invest in a dry oven for your laboratory that offers ideal temperature stability. Precision, reliability, and safety are quality features that distinguish not only our sterilizers, but all of our products. As a renowned company, tritec® with its certified quality management focuses on further development in order to be successful together with you.

    Get in touch with us and get to know us and our range of services. We offer you comprehensive and individual advice. Tell us your questions about the integrated safety thermostat or possible special equipment of the sterilizers. Work on your success with our powerful laboratory equipment and make use of our versatile service. On your behalf, we will take over not only the maintenance of the dry oven in your laboratory but also that of all your other equipment.