Our company profile

The company tritec® looks back on a long history. Already in 1976, the Swedish group Assab Medicin AB founded a German subsidiary based in Hannover, the ASSAB Medicintechnik GmbH. The products were limited at that time to CO2 incubators, laminar flow and cooled incubators.
As in 1984, all subsidiaries of ASSAB MEDICIN AB should be sold, originated from the subsidiary in Hannover the company

tritec® Gesellschaft für Labortechnik und Umweltsimulation mbH.

The first years after the founding of the company tritec® we were still representative of Assab Medicin AB and sold its products from Sweden.

In 1985, already briefly after founding the company, the sewage technology accrued as a new product range. With these devised neutralization systems, the program has been extended. Gradually we expanded our program on refrigerators and freezers / chest freezers. Even in the climatic sector this progress do not stop, and with the development of customized climatic and incubator rooms we finalized our product range in this area.

Already at our location in Hannover, the demands of our customers are taken very seriously. We know how important user-specific counseling sessions, in this very special product range, are. Hardly one device is similar to the other, individual manufacturing is the motto, not only in the execution.

The company tritec® frequently uses its own development, which are specially tailored to the needs of the respective customer. Thereby flexibility even after delivery has to be valid, we focus on modular design, so certain parts can be exchanged quickly and easily.

On request our service also includes the creation  of GMP-compliant documents.