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Deep freezers: Our variations for the most diverse laboratories

Take a closer look at our range of high-quality and low-maintenance deep freezers. We at tritec® support your qualified personnel with reliable accessories for your entire laboratory in the fields of refrigeration and HVAC technology. For facilities with a medical focus we offer a selection of blood plasma freezers. For laboratories that work with highly flammable chemicals or toxic materials, our explosion-proof laboratory freezers should be of particular interest. As you can see, we have the right equipment for a wide range of applications here with us! If you take the time to discover our selection, you will find that we always offer several models of a deep freezer, which differ mainly in their size and capacity. As such, you are virtually guaranteed to find a model that fits perfectly into your laboratory. For each model we have provided data sheets on our website. Use them to quickly get an initial overview of the exact dimensions, technical details and optional accessories.


Laboratory deep freezers for long-term storage of your goods at consistent temperatures

In our range you are sure to find a deep freezer that meets the specific requirements of your laboratory and covers the desired temperature range. Using the password-protected controller, you or your staff can set the desired temperature, which is then kept constant by our device. For example, your sensitive samples, medications or other goods are safely stored in one of our ultra-low deep freezers over a longer period of time at temperatures that reach down to -86 °C. When developing our devices, we pay special attention to the high requirements of each laboratory. Therefore, our products are easy to handle and offer the highest level of safety. For example, our laboratory deep freezers have various alarm functions and document all events for weeks. Of course you can always get advice from our qualified team as well. We will answer all your questions about our products and help you choose an energy-efficient model for your facility. If you have further specific wishes that should be implemented in your future deep freezer, please feel free to contact us for a technical discussion – we will be happy to work out the optimum solution together with you!


High quality deep freezers and other refrigeration technology with best service from tritec®

For 40 years we at tritec® have been developing and producing high-quality, state-of-the-art climatic chambers for you. Continuously, our certified quality management improves on ways in which we can further optimise our devices. As a result, you always obtain laboratory equipment of the best quality from us. This is reflected, for example, in the excellent energy efficiency of our ultra-low deep freezers thanks to special vacuum insulation panels. In our laboratory deep freezers, we have installed our TC2015 touchscreen temperature controller, which is not only easy to operate, but also shows you the current temperature on the display at all times. In addition to the quality of our products, we also attach great importance to providing your laboratory with our comprehensive service. We are also happy to carry out maintenance or qualification on your premises, even on third-party equipment. Because after you have purchased or leased a deep freezer, we remain at your side as a reliable partner.