Get a reliable, high-quality climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation at tritec®. We are your experts when it comes to laboratory equipment. These precise cabinets are designed to operate reliably, accurately, and safely throughout the temperature range. A climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation consumes very little power, so it can be classified as very energy efficient. We use the latest technologies in cooling, temperature, humidity control, and insulation in order to achieve these features.

These climatic cabinets have a temperature range of -9.9 to +70 °C and active humidification or dehumidification up to 96 percent relative humidity. In addition, an electronic control unit enables precise fumigation by using CO2 up to a maximum of 20 percent. The units are available with volumes from 400 to 1,350 liters. An adjustable lighting system is available on request. Thus day-and-night cycles can be simulated.

Additional information

A climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation by tritec®


  • 400 Litres
  • 600 Litres
  • 1350 Litres


Circulating air
Precisely tempered air circulates permanently in the usable space. No unwanted temperature build-up in corners and between products.


Microprocessor-controlled temperature and humidity controller

  • with digital LCD display
  • input via membrane keypad, readable on LCD display
  • acoustic alarm when setpoint is exceeded or not reached


Temperature ranges

  • 5 °C to 55 °C / temperature accuracy +/- 0.3 °C or +/- 2.0 °C
  • other temperature ranges possible on request


Humidity ranges

  • from 20 % to 9 6% r.H. / humidity accuracy +/- 4 % r.H.          
  • from 40 % to 90 % r.H. / humidity accuracy +/- 5 % r.H.
  • humidification by ultrasonic humidifier.


Water quality:
Distilled or deionized water must be used for the humidification system. The unit can be connected to an in-house central supply. Optionally, water can be supplied from a tank (10 l. or similar) placed on or next to the unit. The water pressure must not exceed 1bar.


Electronic CO2 control unit (infrared measurement)

  • working range from 1 – 10% (20%)
  • control accuracy +/- 0,5%
  • actual value permanently displayed digitally
  • setpoint adjustable via pushbutton and digitally readable


Solid material door

  • with right or left stop
  • partly with viewing window possible
  • optional with door lock


Further accessories:

  • software
  • door lock incl. 2 keys
  • shelves (stainless steel)
  • illuminated panel
  • printer (protocol printout)
  • socket (damp room version) in the interior
  • wall opening with cover
  • roller set

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Powerful climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation for your laboratory

We offer you a particularly high-quality climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation for your laboratory. Our powerful and low-maintenance devices reliably reproduce climatic conditions and operate energy-efficiently. You can obtain climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation in three sizes at the tritec® -choose the version that integrates best into your existing laboratory environment. Store your sensitive samples under optimal conditions with our equipment.

Latest technologies and high-quality thermostats allow user-friendly handling with precise functionality. The electronic CO2 regulation takes place via infrared measurement. The regular gassing range is between one and 10 percent. The maximum fumigation density is set at 20 percent. Furthermore, you have the possibility to flexibly adapt the device to your requirements. Please note our various equipment and accessory options.


Climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation: equipment options and technical details

A climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation that holds a volume of 400, 600 and 1350 litres is available at tritec®. The devices are equipped with recirculation, so it is ensured that permanently precisely tempered air circulates inside the cabinet and a uniform microclimate is created. Precise temperature and humidity regulation is provided by a microprocessor-controlled thermostat. The values can be read off a digital LCD display and regulated manually. If the set values are exceeded or undershot, an acoustic alarm sounds immediately.

A high-quality climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation by tritec® operates in a temperature range of +5 to +55 °C and works with an accuracy of at least +/- 0.3 °C. We are happy to adapt the temperature range to your specifications on request, please note this in your inquiry. Depending on the model, our climatic cabinets operate in a humidity range of 20 to 96 or 40 to 90 percent relative humidity with a precision of +/- 4 or 5 percent relative humidity. Only distilled and deionized water is to be used for the humidity system. CO2 regulation is carried out in the above-mentioned range with a control precision of +/- 0.5 percent.

Select the appropriate door for your climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation. Depending on the placement within the laboratory, you have the choice between a door with a right-hand or left-hand stop. It is possible to equip the door with a door lock to secure the samples. The integration of a light panel as well as the installation of a power socket in the interior are also possible extensions.


Climatic chamber with CO2 fumigation and more products from tritec®

Request your climatic cabinet with CO2 fumigation from tritec® and benefit from our expertise and flexible device customisation. For almost 40 years, we have been your partner for high-quality climatic products as well as cooling products and comprehensive services. Contact us for the manufacturing of custom-made products and many other services. Do you have any questions about our climatic cabinetsrefrigeratorsportable cooling products or other of our laboratory equipment? Please contact us – we are at your disposal.