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Efficient cooling incubators for your laboratory

Cooling incubators by tritec® are powerful as well as efficient and meet the highest technical standards. In addition to conventional cooling incubators, we also offer cooling incubators with lighting and CO2 fumigation. Our extremely modern and innovative laboratory equipment fits perfectly into your existing environment: choose the appropriate capacity for your cooling incubator and add the necessary accessories. On request, we will adjust the temperature range according to your needs.

Rely on cooling incubators by tritec® that meet the GMP-related requirements in the areas of DQ, IQ, OQ, and PQ. Thus, you always have the opportunity to establish the optimal conditions in order to receive reliable results in your research. A cooling incubator from our range operates precisely and safely with a minimum power consumption in the selected temperature range. Choose laboratory technology tritec®. We offer you high quality and state-of-the-art performance standards. Trust in the use of modern technologies for heat insulation, temperature, and light regulation. A powerful device like our cooling incubator can realize the desired microclimate even at high ambient temperatures and changing light conditions.

In our work, we focus on user-friendliness and compliance with high safety standards. Due to the microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation included, cooling incubators by tritec® work safely and precisely. Benefit from the circulating air function and the thermostat, with the help of which the air is ideally tempered and circulated. If the temperature deviates from the setpoint, an alarm is triggered immediately. Each cooling incubator is equipped with an acoustic as well as an optical alarm function that reacts reliably to the slightest temperature fluctuations.


Cooling incubators with CO2 fumigation and cooling incubators with lighting

Find suitable cooling incubators in our selection. For example, we offer cooling incubators and other incubators with CO2 fumigation. Such incubators can operate in different temperature ranges, for example from 5 to 50 °C. The interior of our cooling incubators is made of stainless steel as standard and meets the highest hygiene requirements due to its easy-to-clean design.

We know that incubating your light-sensitive samples requires constant lighting intensity and the possibility of time- or temperature-dependent regulation. It goes without saying that a cooling incubator from our product range is designed for this function, so that the desired internal microclimate can be ensured at all times.

Depending on the model, our cooling incubators offer a temperature range of -2 to +70 °C, 5 to +50 °C or 20 to 40 °C.


High-quality cooling incubators and other cooling and HVAC technology by tritec®

Trust in cooling incubators as well as other cooling products or climatic products by tritec®. We are your experts for high-quality and powerful laboratory equipment. At tritec® you can rely on our many years of experience and together with us find the right solution for your laboratory. Please contact us to get extensive service.