The tritec® ice cube maker have been developed for the rapid and uniform Ice cube-production. The ice cubes are pure and without sharp edges, with high material density. The various models of the ice cube maker are with different storage capacities and production quantities available. 24 kg to 80 kg of ice cubes can be produced per day. The cooling of the cube ice is optionally possible with water or air.

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tritec® Ice cube maker

Reliable and fast production of ice cubes. Uniform granulation, pure ice without sharp edges, high density and long storage time

-> Stable housing with box-profile frame

of high grade stainless steel outside

-> Ice storage container made of plastic (ABS-quality)
-> Easy access to ice container.
-> Uniform continuous ice formation.
-> Low-noise refrigeration unit suitable for continuous operation

with environmentally-friendly refrigerant.

-> Air- or water cooled condenser
-> Easy operationlow power consumption

Store capacity

-> 6 kg up to 40 kg

Maximum capacity/ 24 Std.

-> 24 kg up to 65 kg

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Ice cube makers for the specific requirements of a laboratory

Ice cube makers are used for cooling in gastronomy as well as in various laboratories for the cooling process. tritec® offers five different versions in stainless steel housings. In terms of technical details, our ice cube makers differ only in terms of the quantity of ice cubes and their size. In one day, our smallest ice cube maker produces up to 24 kilograms of pure ice cubes while the largest even produces 80 kilograms. The finished ice cubes are then stored in a hygienic plastic container until they are removed by your employees. Our two smaller variants are 390 millimetres wide, 460 millimetres long and 610 millimetres high. The other models are also extremely compact, measuring 740 x 600 x 1050 millimetres, so one of our ice cube makers can be put into operation almost anywhere in the laboratory. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you on the optimum size for your laboratory. Simply contact us at any time.


Ice cube makers with high energy efficiency

Like our entire refrigeration and HVAC technology, our ice cube makers feature all of the technical state-of-the-art refinements and are extremely energy-efficient. For example, our ice cube makers have a sensor on the storage container that only activates the cooling unit when required. This automatically switches off when the maximum quantity of six kilograms of ice cubes is present in the container. This means that the ice cubes are produced completely independently of the laboratory personnel, who can thus devote themselves entirely to their respective tasks as they can rest assured that there will always be enough ice cubes in their ice cube maker’s container. These can be easily removed at the exact time when they are needed for cooling. The high-quality materials used, such as state-of-the-art microprocessors, ensure safe and reliable operations in your laboratory. All details of our ice cube makers can be found in the data sheets on this website.


Best quality ice cube makers by tritec®

Thanks to decades of experience, tritec® has grown to be a reliable partner for pharmaceutical, industrial and also research laboratories. We therefore will provide you with nothing but high-quality products such as our ice cube makers. Our in-house development department as well as our quality management are committed to continuous optimisation, so that you can always purchase or lease equipment from us that operates at the highest technical level. For example, our ice cube makers produce high-density ice cubes without sharp edges for your laboratory. We exclusively offer you high-quality climatic cabinets and laboratory equipment with GMP qualification. Our quality standards go far beyond the technical aspect, as customer-oriented service is also a central aspect of our company philosophy. Our competent staff will be happy to assist you in your daily work, for example by servicing all your laboratory equipment, including third-party equipment. With a special measuring case, we can also carry out certifications of laboratory equipment on your premises. Please contact us at any time. We will provide you with advice, let you experience our helpful service and offer you a variety of products, which you can adapt exactly to your needs with optional accessories. With our precise laboratory equipment and our all-round service, we are looking forward to making a contribution to your success.