tritec® pass-through refrigerator is designed for use in the transfer area of laboratories. All models of our pass-through cabinets are characterised by their excellent quality, high-quality workmanship and reliable cooling performance. After all, a reliable temperature distribution is one of the high standards that pass-through refrigerators from tritec® always meet. For example, with the TC 2015 touchscreen temperature controller, which is available for all models, you can set the exact temperature you need for your samples, medicines or other sensitive goods. This special laboratory refrigerator thus guarantees a full overview of its contents and the certainty that they are stored safely.

These units are also available with the new DIN 13277 equipment (formerly DIN 58345, DIN 58371 or DIN 58375).

The tritec® pass-through refrigerator is available with individual equipment and a capacity of 300 to 1,500 litres. If you have special requests for your pass-through cabinet, we will be happy to create a customised design for you.

Additional information

Pass-through refrigerators in various designs

Graphical representation of the temperature profile in the display

  • Illustration of the actual value and if requested of the product sensor on the display and archiving via USB or Ethernet – viewing period freely selectable


Touchscreen temperature controller TC 2015

  • Touchscreen display: size 12.5 cm (5")
  • PT1000 temperature sensor for better temperature control accuracy
  • Digital temperature setting and display with an accuracy of 0.1 °C
  • Password protected to prevent manipulations


Network connection

  • The TC 2015 has two Ethernet connections with 10/100 MBit. This interface can be accessed directly on the log data of the controller to import the software.


NO/NC contact

  • Time-delayed alarm signal (variably adjustable)



  • German
  • English
  • Other languages on request


Maintenance message

  • Notification that maintenance should be carried out


Service-friendly exchange of components

  • All relevant components for using the cabinet are located in the housing of the temperature regulator. These plug-in connectors of the electrical supply pipes enable a service-friendly exchange if required.


Test facilities

  • For alarm limits and battery charge status



  • Battery module
    • In case of power failure, self-contained supply of the temperature controller with a powerful battery. All functions are carried out for about 72 hours.
  • 4…20 mA output
  • Wifi module
  • Interface, RS 485 (galvanically isolated)
  • Software that enables you to check several cooling units at a glance. The software is user friendly and intuitive to use.
  • Alarm system
    • Independent product sensor for reference measurement
    • Product protection against low temperatures: if the temperature falls below the setpoint value, cooling is switched off
    • Battery modules as standard


Refrigerating unit

  • Fully hermetically sealed, forced ventilation, fitted on vibration absorbing mounts (ambient temperature max. 32 °C), energy saving compressor with high-quality vaporisation system



  • Automatically with thermal and time limit – condensate evaporation in heated tray. During the defrost period, the temperature inside the cabinet (only the air temperature, not the stored goods) will briefly rise.


Circulating air cooling

  • For rapid and constant temperature control, reduces the temperature gradient to a minimum. When the door is opened, the circulating fan is switched off automatically by a micro switch to prevent warmer ambient air from being drawn in.



  • High-density foamed-in-place polyurethane with a thickness of 50-75 mm
  • CFC-free


Temperature range

  • 2 °C to 20 °C
  • Optional: -5 °C to 20 °C



  • 300 to 1,500 litres (special sizes on request)

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Pass-through refrigerator: use in the transfer area

A pass-through refrigerator is ideal when used in the transfer area of laboratories for the production of sterile products, such as medicines. Special requirements apply here to keep the risk of contamination with microorganisms, particles and pyrogens of the emerging products as low as possible. The pass-through cabinet is therefore as practical as it is reliable, because it meets these high demands and increasingly strict regulations of sterile production. This type of laboratory refrigerator enables you to handle sterile products responsibly and in accordance with the guidelines. For this purpose, tritec® offers you a comprehensive range of pass-through refrigerators, from which you can choose the model that suits your personal requirements. On the one hand, the various versions differ in terms of their size, volume and the cover materials; on the other hand, they additionally offer you numerous options for upgrades.


Pass-through refrigerators for the production of sterile products

The pass-through refrigerator from tritec® is used as follows: On one side, the product to be kept sterile is placed in the refrigerator. On the other side the door to the next higher clean room is placed. From there, you can take the product out of the pass-through cabinet. Optionally, you can have both doors equipped with an electronic locking system. In this case, the opposite door is automatically locked when opened, so that only one door at a time can be opened and sterility is maintained at all times.

We have everything you need for the ideal pass-through refrigerator. In terms of capacity and temperature, our range covers a wide spectrum: from an extended cooling capacity of -5 °C up to 20 °C to a capacity of 300 up to 1,500 litres, everything is included. All pass-through refrigerators in our product range also have thermal insulation made of CFC-free PU foam with a thickness of 50 to 75 millimetres. The integrated recirculating air cooling of all models keeps the contents of your pass-through cabinet at a uniform temperature by reducing the temperature gradient to a minimum. A micro switch that automatically switches off the circulation fan when the door is opened additionally prevents warm ambient air from being drawn in. With its antibacterial coating, the entire interior of our pass-through refrigerators meets the highest hygiene requirements. Thanks to smooth surfaces and rounded corners, they are also very easy to clean.


tritec®: Your expert for pass-through refrigerators and more

For almost 40 years, tritec® has stood for outstanding service and certified quality in the field of refrigeration and HVAC technology. In addition to pass-through refrigerators, we offer you a wide range of products, including cooling rooms or deep freezer roomsmedical refrigeratorscooling incubators in numerous variants as well as climatic and heating cabinets. For all these products, we are happy to implement GMP-compliant qualification for you – promptly and safely, of course. We hold the internationally valid ISO 9001:2015 certificate on this excellent quality management.

You can also rely on our technical expertise for customised products: we develop individualised units that are optimally designed for the spatial requirements on-site and in your research area.