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    Medical Refrigerators, also compliant with DIN 58345

    tritec® medical refrigerators are specially designed for the storage of your sensitive drugs. They are characterized by a high quality workmanship and a prime temperature accuracy The DIN 58345 compliant equipment is alternatively selectable

    Reliability is the top priority at tritec®. You have a vast overview due to the temperature regulator with touchscreen TC 2015 for the medical refrigerators and you are able to adjust and check how your drugs, probes, and other sensitive goods are stored.

    100 percent security and accuracy will be enabled by the TC 2015 thanks to diverse functions, which seamlessly document and operate the system.

    The tritec® medical refrigerators are available with individual equipment with a cooling capacity of 110 up to 2300 litres. Many models also available with two separate temperature ranges. Medical Refrigerators are available in special production.





    Medical refrigerators, also compliant with the DIN 58345

    The tritec® Medical Refrigerators are controlled by a touchscreen temperature regulator with the possibility to retrieve all temperature relevant data via USB or Ethernet. To prevent manipulations alteration of the parameter or quit of alarms are password protected.

    In the housing of the controller, all relevant components are built in, to operate the cabinet. This “Box System”, and easy connections to the electrical supply lines allow a service friendly exchange, if necessary.


    • Touchscreen Display, size 12,5 cm (5“)
    • PT1000 temperature sensor for better temperature control accuracy
    • Digital temperature setting and display with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C
    • Power supply of 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    • Password protected to prevent manipulations
    • Data import/export via USB or Ethernet



    • Noticeable optical alarm signalling by red / blue flashing screen
    • Audible alarm
      Mute the audible alarms, with continuous warning indication on the display and automatic return after 3 minutes when the alarm situation still exists
    • Alarm acknowledgment with password protection


    Acoustic and optical alarm indication when

    • High and low temperature (variably adjustable)
    • Door open – alarm, (adjustable)
    • Power failure
    • Temperature sensor failure
    • Defrost-time transgression (variable adjustable)
    • Optional: cooling machine monitoring with overheat protection


    Alarm memory
    for the last 100 alarm conditions, with the possibility of review on the display and archiving the data via USB or Ethernet. Memory can not be deleted.

    Event memory
    Storage for approximately 4 weeks, with the possibility of review on the display and archiving the data via USB or Ethernet. In the event log all the operations of the controller are saved, such as:

    – Doorways
    – Parameter changes
    – Cooling equipment function, etc

    Graphical display of the temperature profile in the display
    Illustration of the actual value and if requested of the product sensor on the display and archiving via USB or Ethernet. View period freely selectable.

    USB Export
    NO/NC contact
    Maintenance message
    Test facilities for Alarm limits and battery charge status


    • .20 mA Output
    • Battery modul
      In case of power failure self-contained supply of the temperature controller with a powerful battery. All control functions are saved for about 72 hours.
    • Alarmsystem
    • Independent product sensor for reference measurement
    • Product protection against low temperatures. By dropping below the setpoint value,
      the cooling machine will switched off
    • Battery Module in standard
    • WLAN-Module
    • Interface, RS 485 (galvanically isolated)
    • Software
    • This software enables you to check at a glance several cooling units. It was designed
      to be user friendly and enables you to process your data in an intuitive manner.

    The tritec® Medical Refrigerators has, depending on the model, extensive features:


    -> Circulating air cooling

    -> Three-layered glass door or solid door

    -> LED interior lighting

    -> Temperature range
    -> 2°C to 20°C (other ranges on request)
    -> Temperature accuracy +/- 1,8°C

    -> Capacity
    -> 110 Litres up to 2300 Litres (other sizes on request)


    The tritec® Medical Refrigerators can be upgraded according to your wishes.
    A wide range of accessories allows you to equip your tritec® Medical Refrigerators according to your specifications and requirements.


    Have we piqued your interest? For more details please refer to the technical data sheets.
    Please select your preferred model: (other sizes on request)


    Medical refrigerators on which you can always rely

    The medical refrigerator unit is indispensable for the safe storage of medication, for example vaccines. This is where the various medications are stored, protected from deterioration at precisely specified temperatures. In medical facilities, these pharmaceutical refrigerators also guarantee the safe treatment of the patients. Take a moment to look at our range and you will find the unit that exactly meets your requirements among our high-quality and low-maintenance devices. When developing our medical refrigerator we placed great importance on ensuring complete safety and practicable handling. At tritec® you have find a large choice of different models because the devices differ not only in size and therefore also storage capacity, but also offer a wide variety of additional accessories. This means that the medical refrigerator unit suitable for your facility is guaranteed to be in our extensive range. Please contact us should you have any questions or would like comprehensive advice from one of our experienced employees.

    The right medical refrigerator for your pharmaceutical facility

    At tritec® we offer you the suitable medical refrigerator unit that meets your preferences and your specific requirements with a temperature range from 2° to 20°C. One of the decisive criteria when selecting a unit is of course the capacity. Here you will find models with volumes ranging from 110 litres to 2,300 litres. The smallest unit is a table-top device, for all other devices you can purchase a set of castors. All devices have thermal insulation and circulation cooling system. This ensures constant and precise temperature distribution in the device interior. Please also pay particular attention to our pharmaceutical refrigerator units with two separate temperature areas that are equipped with two independent cooling systems including control units. Our touchscreen temperature regulator TC 2015 stands for precision and reliability. This makes it possible for you to easily select the desired settings and read off the actual value at any time. For more detailed information on the technical specification and the optional features please refer to the data sheets that we have stored on this website for each model. Our medical refrigerator units are suitable not only for clinics and doctor’s practices, but also for research or medical universities. tritec® is your reliable partner that provides support for your demanding work with high-quality laboratory equipment and best service.

    tritec®: high-quality laboratory equipment and the best service for each laboratory

    For more than 30 years now tritec® has offered its customers excellent and certified quality. Not just in the form of a precisely worked medical refrigerators, but across the entire range of refrigeration and also climate control technology with our reliable climate control units and cooling chambers. Here we work systematically to continually improve ourselves in order to provide you this outstanding quality now and in the future. Our reliable laboratory devices are always state of the art and guarantee you and your employees an effective work environment. We are well aware of the high responsibility we have and are happy to be able to supply you with the basis of your work with our laboratory devices. This is why at tritec® we justifiably put you and your specific requirements on our laboratory equipment at the centre of our company philosophy. Get to know our individual service where the competent, experienced advice is noticeable and find out, for example, how you can benefit from our leasing offers, too.