The tritec® climatic cabinets with lighting simulate reproducible light and climatic conditions through optimized temperature, humidity and light distribution for the best possible growth of plants or other organisms. The CO2 fumigation integrated here also stabilises the CO2 content and is used, for example, to develop tissue and cell cultures under ideal conditions.

The illumination is located outside of the interior space, mounted on the right and left side. Six fluorescent tubes ensure perfect light distribution in the interior. The integrated ventilator avoids heat accumulation in the lighting compartments.

Additional information

tritec® climatic cabinets with lighting and CO2 fumigation


  • 400 litres
  • 700 litres
  • 1,400 litres


Air circulation

For rapid and uniform temperature and humidity control, reducing the gradients within the cabinet and between the products to a minimum.


Microprocessor-controlled temperature and humidity controller

  • with digital LCD display
  • entry with membrane keypad, readable on LCD display
  • acoustic signalling in event of excess and falling of the set point


Temperature ranges (depends on the model)

  • without lighting:
    5 °C to 50 °C / resp. -2 °C to 70 °C
  • with lighting:
    10 °C to 40 °C / resp. 5 °C to 55 °C


Humidity ranges (depends on the model)

  • max. from 40 % to 96 % rel.hum.
  • programmable automatic operating sequences
  • humidity provided by means of very fine atomising using ultrasonic humidifier / hot steam humidity device


Water quality:

Distilled or deionised water has to be used for the humidity system. The cabinet can be connected to the inhouse central supply. Optionally, it is possible to use a water tank (10 litres) above or beside the cabinet. The water pressure should not exceed 1 bar.


Light “high intensity”

  • variably programmable (temperature and/or time dependent)
  • exhaustive illumination of the inner room by 2 x 8 vertically arranged fluorescent lamps with all-electronic ballast
  • luminaries are integrated on the right and left sidewall
  • heat dissipation is self-venting, outside of the usable space


Solid door

  • with right or left-hand hinge
  • available with inspection window
  • optional door lock


Additional accessories:

  • software
  • door lock with two keys
  • stainless steel shelves
  • illuminated shelf
  • printer (listing for protocols)
  • socket outlet (wet room version) in the cabinet interior
  • wall opening with covering
  • castors

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