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    tritec® Freezer for blood plasma

    Blood plasma freezers by tritec® were developed in compliance to DIN 58375, in order to store frozen blood plasma safely. They are powerful and economical at the same time – this, among other things, distinguishes our blood plasma freezers. Their special insulation protects against high energy consumption and the high-quality workmanship of our devices allows a constant temperature distribution.

    At tritec®, reliability is the top priority. With the touch screen temperature controller TC 2015 for the medical refrigerators, you can always keep an eye on your samples. With the ability for precise settings, you can check at any time, how your medicines, samples, blood preserves, and other sensitive goods are stored.

    The TC 2015 has numerous functions that do not allow any gaps in the documentation – because that is exactly what counts!

    Choose a tritec® blood plasma freezer from our product range with a capacity of 104 to 1,500 litres. We are also happy to produce special sizes on request.





    Blood plasma freezers compliant to DIN 58375

    The exact settings of the tritec® blood plasma freezer are made via a touch screen temperature controller with the possibility to export the temperature relevant data via the standard USB interface or the LAN connection. For safety reasons, parameter changes and the acknowledgement of the alarm are only possible after a password entry.

    All relevant components for operating the blood plasma freezer are located in the housing of the temperature controller. The simple plug connections of the electrical cables allow the “box system” to be replaced quickly, if necessary.

    • touch screen display, size 12,5 cm (5″)
    • PT1000 temperature sensor for better accuracy of temperature control
    • digital temperature setting and display with an accuracy of 0.1 °C
    • power supply of 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    • password protected to prevent manipulations


    Alarm message

    • conspicuous optical alarm message
    • audible alarms with mute, continuous warning indication on the display, after 3 minutes renewed acoustic signal, should the alarm situation continue
    • alarm acknowledgement with password protection

    Displayed alarm messages

    • over- and undertemperature (adjustable)
    • alarm in case of an open door (adjustable)
    • alarm in case of power failure
    • alarm in case of temperature sensor failure
    • alarm in case of defrost timeout (adjustable)
    • optional: monitoring of the cooling machine with an overheating protection


    Alarm system

    • independent product sensor for reference measurement
    • protection of your samples against undertemperature, cooling is switched off when the temperature falls below the set limit
    • battery modules: in the event of a mains power failure, the temperature controller is supplied by a high-performance battery, all control functions are retained for approximately 72 hours


    Alarm memory
    Storage of a maximum of 100 alarm conditions. It is possible to check them on the display. The memory cannot be erased.


    Event list
    A storage takes place for about 4 weeks. The message can be checked on the display. All controller operations are stored in the event list, for example:

    • door openings
    • parameter changes
    • cooling machine function etc.


    Graphical representation of the temperature curve on the display
    Display of the actual value and, if necessary, the product sensor. The display period is freely selectable.


    USB Export
    network connection
    connection for external fault signal, potential-free.
    maintenance message
    test facilities for alarm limits and battery charge level



    • 0.20 mA Output
    • WLAN module
    • Interface, RS 485 (electrically isolated)
    • software
      • enables clear monitoring of measured values from one or more devices


    Depending on the model, the tritec® blood plasma freezers have extensive equipment features:


    • circulating air cooling or static cooling
    • full material door
    • temperature range
    • 25 °C to -40 °C (other temperature ranges on request)
    • temperature accuracy +/- 2,0 °C


    • 104 litres to 1,500 litres (special sizes on request)

    Blood plasma freezers by tritec® can be upgraded according to your wishes. A variety of special equipment enables you to equip your device according to your personal specifications or wishes.


    Have we stirred your interest?
    You can find further details in the technical data sheets.
    Please select your desired model:

    PDF-logo-klein PDF-Data-Sheet: Bloodplasma Storage Cabinet compliant with the DIN 58375 – static cooling




    PDF-logo-klein Bloodplasma Storage Cabinet compliant with the DIN 58375 – circulating cooling




    To read our PDF-Data-Sheets, you need Acrobat Reader. Get it for free: acrobat


    Blood plasma freezer – safe storage at constant temperature

    With our reliable blood plasma freezer, you can store sensitive goods safely and in accordance with current hygiene regulations for a longer period of time. Our energy-saving models are available in different sizes and offer an exact and constant temperature control of the frozen blood plasma in the freezer. Our high-quality devices meet the criteria for the storage of blood plasma according to DIN 58375 and cover a temperature range from -15 °C to -40 °C. Our low-maintenance and high-quality equipment covers the entire range of refrigeration and HVAC technology. The technology of tritec®’s devices always is the current state-of-the-art. Equip your laboratory with our powerful laboratory technology and make it fit for the future. We offer you a wide range of blood plasma freezers with optionally selectable accessories. Inform yourself with our data sheets and get a blood plasma freezer that is tailored to you in every facet. Of course you can contact our competent and friendly team if you have any questions. At tritec®, we are happy to provide you with information on our products and are at your disposal for advice.


    tritec®: Get a blood plasma freezer on the highest technical level

    Get the right blood plasma freezer for your laboratory. With tritec® you are able to choose between two variants. The two models with a capacity of 104 litres and 224 litres are static devices. In the models from 300 litres up to 1,500 litres, however, a circulating air cooling is integrated, so that the intake of warm air is reduced to a minimum when opening the door. Each of our blood plasma freezers offers you a state-of-the-art TC 2015 touch screen temperature controller, which you can operate with precision and with which you can check the storage of blood plasma in your freezer at any time. The display allows you to read the current actual value and other relevant information directly at a glance. You can make the desired settings via the password-protected control panel. For complete documentation, the event list saves every change of parameters as well as door openings and more over several weeks. Data can be imported and exported via the integrated USB port. Furthermore, our blood plasma freezers have a sensitive and complex alarm system with a memory for 100 different conditions. Thanks to our optional accessories, you can also tailor our models more closely to your specific requirements.


    tritec®: blood plasma freezers and more high-quality laboratory technology

    At tritec®, you get blood plasma freezers and more devices for your laboratory in an outstanding quality. Our extensive range of laboratory equipment represents the high demands we place on the production of laboratory technology. Among other things, our products are characterised by their precision and complex safety functions, which serve as a basis for many research institutions and laboratories. Our entire team for the development of new products as well as our certified quality management are involved in the continuous optimization of our products so that they always meet the highest technical standards. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we are experts in the design of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. We support every laboratory in the best possible way by providing blood plasma freezers and other equipment. Therefore, we attach great importance to equip your medical facility with high quality equipment and service. With us, you have layed the foundation for a smooth workflow in your laboratory and have equipped it optimally for the tasks coming. We look forward to working with you.