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    The tritec® laboratory ultra deep chest freezer is designed for the safe long-term storage of samples at -86 °C.

    Our ultra deep chest freezers are extremely low-maintenance and designed for a continuous operation. At tritec® we pay attention to efficiency and sustainability. By using special vacuum insulation panels, these chests are very energy efficient. The capacity of the ultra deep chest freezer can be selected with a volume of 339 to 690 litres.

    Laboratory ultra deep freezer chests are suitable, among other things, for the storage of a vaccine against COVID-19. According to recent findings, such a vaccine requires temperature conditions of -70 °C. Use our ultra deep chest freezers as well as our laboratory ultra deep freezers to safely store the vaccine and other sensitive samples.



    tritec® Laboratory Ultra Deep Freezer Chests

    More effective insulation with vacuum insulation panels, Thermal conductivity < 0,005 W/m/K. The operating time of the compressors is reduced and your electricity consumption is cut by 15 %.

    The tritec® laboratory ultra deep freezer chests have, depending on the model, extensive features:

    Solid door
    -> lockable
    Temperature range
    -> -60 °C to max. –86 °C
    -> temperature accuracy at -80 °C: +/- 3 °C after stabilisation
    -> 340 litres to 690 litres


    High quality electronic temperature regulator, with interface
    -> Acoustic and optical alarm indication, when

    • selected value is exceeded or insufficient
    • “door open” Alarm
    • blocked condenser alarm
    • mains failure alarm
    • condenser filter alarm (washable)
    • regulator can be bolted against manipulation
    • rechargeable battery


    Potential-free connection socket for extern alarm indication
    Compressors works as a cascade system.


    Unique safety system: Maximum protection of your specimens
    The samples’ protection must be efficient in any circumstance, even in unlikely case of low voltage/electronic system outage. The BoSS system compensates for that potential issue and will engage the compressors permanently, maintaining a permanent deep freeze production.


    Your great advantage, your specimens will survive!

    • the thermostat is equipped with a 24 volt battery. In case of voltage drop of the battery below 20 volts (for example, by failure of the electronic board), the compressor will be permanently connected to the 220 volt supply.
    • no emergency-service necessary

    -> Optional also available with CO2 or LN2 safety system

    Our tritec® laboratory ultra deep freezer chests can be upgraded according to your wishes.
    A wide range of accessories allows you to equip your tritec® laboratory ultra deep freezer
    chests according to your specifications and requirements.

    Have we piqued your interest?
    For more details please refer to the technical data sheets.
    Please select your preferred model: (other sizes on request)


    Deep freezer chest for long-term storage of samples down to -86 °C

    For many laboratories, a reliable deep freezer chest is part of the basic inventory to store various samples. tritec® offers you energy-efficient ultra freezers designed for continuous operation that cover a temperature range from -60 to -86 °C. Simply select the freezer that best suits your laboratory and your requirements because they all have the same highest technical standard and make everyday laboratory life easier. With four mounted castors, two of which can be locked, you can, for example, move the ultra freezer quickly and easily if required. We offer you three variants with a capacity from 339 to 690 litres and even manufacture ultra deep freezer chests in special sizes on request, after testing their feasibility. Of course you can adapt the favoured model further by optional accessories. The stainless steel rack has proven its worth in everyday laboratory use. Depending on the frame, it offers space for up to 12 cryoboxes and our largest freezer can accommodate up to 40 racks, for example. So your samples are stored safely and well organized at constant temperatures. These and further details can be found in the data sheets deposited here. Of course, you can also contact us at any time, our experienced staff will be happy to help and advise you. Together we will find the right ultra deep freezer chest for your laboratory!


    Unique safety system for every tritec® ultra deep freezer chest

    The interior of our ultra deep freezer chests is made of stainless steel so that they are easy to maintain, meet the highest hygiene standards and guarantee the integrity of the samples. The display of the temperature controller also allows you to read the actual and target values at a glance at any time. A freezer from tritec® stands out above all due to its impermeable safety concept. This begins with the lockable lid and control panel of the temperature controller, which protect against manipulation. In addition, our ultra deep freezers have a clever alarm system that signals a deviation in temperature or the blockage of the condenser. There is also an optical as well as an acoustic signal for the filter of the condenser, which means that it must be cleaned. The various alarm functions thus guarantee trouble-free operation at the desired temperature, so that the integrity of the samples is always guaranteed.


    High-quality deep freezer chests and other laboratory equipment – tritec®

    An ultra deep freezer chest is a real enrichment for your laboratory because it sets new standards in safety and also has low power consumption thanks to special insulation plates. The development and optimisation of our products is based not only on our specialist knowledge but also on all the experience we have gained over more than 30 years. This naturally applies to our complete laboratory equipment in the field of refrigeration and HVAC technology because all of our precise climatic cabinets are state-of-the-art. Our certified quality management continuously analyses the individual manufacturing processes so that we can continue to improve. In addition to safety-relevant aspects, we pay particular attention to the user-friendliness of our equipment since we are aware of our high level of responsibility. These should provide you with the best possible support for your laboratory work, regardless of the available space or intended use. Take your time to take a look at our modern laboratory equipment, which you can also lease. Get to know us as your long-term trustworthy partner at your side.