With an incubator by tritec® you experience precision in the smallest space. A heated incubator by tritec® has an extended temperature range from 5 °C above room temperature to 99.9 °C, corresponds to the latest technology and is thus ideally designed for incubating your cultures. Get an incubator that suits your laboratory: Our incubators are available with a volume of 25 to 420 litres – on request, we also manufacture an incubator in dimensions according to your requirements.

Due to the compact design, the incubator requires little space in the laboratory and can be stacked in the smaller versions. All incubators of this series are equipped with an adjustable circulating air fan, real-time clock, and sterilization cycle. The interaction between temperature control and heater guarantees optimal temperature stability in your incubator.

The CO2 fumigation integrated here stabilises the CO2 content and is used, for example, to develop tissue and cell cultures under ideal conditions.

Additional information

tritec® incubator with CO2 fumigation

Temperature range

  • 5 °C (2 °C) above ambient temperature up to 99.9 °C
  • Temperature accuracy in time +/-0.2 °C
  • Temperature accuracy spatially +/-1.0 °C



  • 25 litres
  • 51 litres
  • 130 litres
  • 420 litres

Two of the four models are tabletop and stackable

Solid door

  • with right-hand hinge
  • additional inner door made of glass
  • magnetic, all-round sealing strip, resistant to laboratory cleaning agents


Circulating air fan
Fan speed adjustable in 10 steps

PID temperature control
With digital LCD display: temperature and time are entered via membrane keypad and can be read on the LCD display – keypad is password protected to deny access to unauthorized persons.


  • over- and undertemperature alarm
  • sensory error
  • real-time clock setting
  • data error
  • power failure


Alarm output
A potential free contact for external use is available

Temperature storage in the temperature control
For temperature regulation – reading the temperature (min./max./average) on the control is possible

Standby mode

Two different programs for timers are possible:

  • standard timer
  • real time program


Safety thermostat
Automatic safety system that works independently of the microprocessor controller – turns off the heaters in the incubator to prevent overheating

Sterilization cycle
The incubator is equipped with a fixed sterilization cycle of 180 °C in 40 minutes, which can be started manually – during sterilization, the remaining time in minutes is displayed on the temperature controller.

Other accessories

  • wall opening with piping connections and screw cap

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