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    Climatic Cabinets with lighting

    The tritec® climatic cabinets with lighting simulate reproducible light and climatic conditions through optimized temperature, humidity and light distribution for the best possible growth of plants or other organisms.

    The illumination is located outside of the interior space, mounted on the right and left side. Six fluorescent tubes ensure perfect light distribution in the interior. The integrated ventilator avoids heat accumulation in the lighting compartments.

    Climatic cabinet with lightning and inner glass doors





    tritec® climatic cabinets with lighting



    • 400 litres
    • 700 litres
    • 1,400 litres


    Air circulation

    For rapid and uniform temperature and humidity control, reducing the gradients within the cabinet and between the products to a minimum.


    Microprocessor-controlled temperature and humidity controller

    • with digital LCD display
    • entry with membrane keypad, readable on LCD display
    • acoustic signalling in event of excess and falling of the set point


    Temperature ranges (depends on the model)

    • without lighting:
      5 °C to 50 °C / resp. -2 °C to 70 °C
    • with lighting:
      10 °C to 40 °C / resp. 5 °C to 55 °C


    Humidity ranges (depends on the model)

    • max. from 40 % to 96 % rel.hum.
    • programmable automatic operating sequences
    • humidity provided by means of very fine atomising using ultrasonic humidifier / hot steam humidity device


    Water quality:

    Distilled or deionised water has to be used for the humidity system. The cabinet can be connected to the inhouse central supply. Optionally, it is possible to use a water tank (10 litres) above or beside the cabinet. The water pressure should not exceed 1 bar.


    Light “high intensity”

    • variably programmable (temperature and/or time dependent)
    • exhaustive illumination of the inner room by 2 x 8 vertically arranged fluorescent lamps with all-electronic ballast
    • luminaries are integrated on the right and left sidewall
    • heat dissipation is self-venting, outside of the usable space


    Solid door

    • with right or left-hand hinge
    • available with inspection window
    • optional door lock


    Additional accessories:

    • software
    • door lock with two keys
    • stainless steel shelves
    • illuminated shelf
    • printer (listing for protocols)
    • socket outlet (wet room version) in the cabinet interior
    • wall opening with covering
    • castors


    Have we piqued your interest? 

    For more details please refer to the technical data sheets.
    Please select your preferred model: (other sizes on request)



    Climatic cabinets with side lighting for ideal growth conditions

    At tritec® you get reliable climatic cabinets with modern side lighting. With these devices you can precisely simulate certain climatic conditions. Climatic cabinets with lighting are used, for example, in agricultural and forestry research. There they enable the simulation of ideal growth conditions for plants and other organisms. Plant growth can also be tested under particularly extreme or special climatic conditions. This serves, among other things, the breeding of new plant cultures or the development of seeds.

    Constant temperature conditions as well as homogeneous light and appropriate humidity promote the optimal growth of plants. Use the perfectly coordinated climatic cabinets with lighting from tritec® and achieve excellent results for your crops thanks to best conditions.


    Reliable climatic cabinets for your laboratory

    You can always rely on the high-quality climatic cabinets from tritec®. The outer housing and the interior are made of aluminium. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces on the inside ensure easy cleaning. All in all, our devices meet the highest hygiene requirements.

    Our climatic cabinets with lighting are available in different sizes with volumes of 400, 700 and 1,400 litres. Depending on the model, these operate in different temperature ranges, for example from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Benefit from the high temperature accuracy and the flexibly programmable thermostats thanks to which you can simulate day and night cycles, among others.

    The interior of your climatic cabinet with lighting is illuminated by powerful fluorescent lamps. Fans ensure that the lamps always remain at an appropriate temperature and that no heat accumulates inside the lighting cabinet. The fluorescent tubes are located on the left and right side walls of our climatic cabinet with lighting and are separated from the interior by a transparent pane. You can adjust the light intensity flexibly by switches on the front. A timer function also ensures cyclic commissioning of the lighting.

    Further features of the climatic cabinets with side lighting from tritec® are steam humidification and a fully hermetic cooling unit. The integrated steam humidifier is supplied with distilled water via a tank with a capacity of 10 litres. The cooling unit works particularly quietly, saves energy and supports the maintenance of ideal climatic conditions inside the climatic cabinet.

    Further information can be found in the respective data sheets.


    Climatic cabinets and more: comprehensive service from tritec®

    In addition to climatic cabinets with side lighting, we at tritec® offer you further units from our range of HVAC technology and cooling products. We can provide you with the perfect equipment for your laboratory or research facility. Thanks to continuous development, all our products correspond to the current state of the art.

    The demands and guidelines that apply in laboratories are high. We accept this responsibility and offer you high-quality, reliable and dependable equipment as an ideal foundation for your work. Your interests and requirements are our top priority: Therefore, we will be pleased to manufacture suitable equipment for you that is perfectly adapted to your individual working conditions. We are always at your side to advise you on planning and implementation.

    With tritec® you also benefit from comprehensive services. We can confirm the unrestricted functionality of your laboratory equipment and that it fully meets its intended purpose.