The Ice Flake Maker by tritec® supplies your laboratory with flaked ice of homogeneous grain size and without sharp edges. You can rely on the purity of the resulting product. Our Ice Flake Maker are available in various versions, like our laboratory freezers. Therefore, the different requirements regarding production quantity and storage capacity can be fullfilled.

With our Ice Flake Maker you are able to produce quantities between 90 and 250 kilograms per day depending on the type of machine. You can choose between two cooling options: The Ice Flake Maker can be cooled with air or water.

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tritec® Ice Flake Maker

Reliable and fast production of ice flakes in uniform granulation, clear and without sharp edges, with high material density and long durability.

  • stable housing with box-profile frame and high-quality stainless steel outside
  • ice storage container made of plastic (ABS quality)
  • easy access to the ice container
  • uniform continuous ice formation
  • low noise refrigeration unit with environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • easy operation, low-power consumption

With air-cooled or water-cooled liquid.

Storage capacity

  • 20 kg to 120 kg

Capacity / 24 h

  • 90 kg to 250 kg

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Ice Flake Maker for your laboratory: consistently efficient production

With our Ice Flake Maker you will get an efficent equipment for your laboratory. The Ice Flake Maker produces continuous ice flakes for your laboratory in a consistent high quality. The refrigerating machine achives a uniform grain, high material density and a long durability of the produced ice flakes. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel and is framed by a box-profile. This ensures the stability of the Ice Flake Maker. The inside of the storage container is made of plastic in ABS quality. With an Ice Flake Maker from our range, you can benefit from low-noise work, easy handling and low-energy comsumption. In addition, the device exceeds in terms of sustainability by using an environmentally friendly refrigerant.


Ice Flake Maker and more: Laboratory technology by tritec®

With many years of experience we manufacture high-quality laboratory technology, such as our Ice Flake Maker. Find the right one for your laboratory. We offer equipment in different sizes.

The smallest version of our Ice Flake Maker can be produce for up to 90 kilograms per day and store 20 kilograms. The reservoir of the next largest device has a capacity of 30 kilograms. You can also select an Ice Flake Maker that can make up to 150 kilograms a day and store 40 kilograms. If you need more storage capacity, we recommend the largest Ice Flake Maker, which produce a maximum of 250 kilograms with a seperate reservoir for your laboratory. It can take 120 kilograms of ice flakes.

Benefit from the easy handling of our Ice Flake Maker in your laboratory as well: In addition to the convenient ice collection, the refrigeration machines impresses by simple conditions for commissioning at the place of installation. All versions can be operated with a water inlet pressure between one and five bar and an outside temperature between +10 and +32 °C. In regards to the water inlet temperature there are slight differences between the smallest and the larger versions. The smallest unit requires water temperatures between +3 and +25 °C, the larger models can operate with up to +40 °C.

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