What makes us special



We always find the best solution and suitable products for our satisfied, broad customer portfolio ranging from laboratories, universities, technical colleges and scientific institutions to industry.


We draw on forty years of experience to provide reliable and precise excellence in our products and services.


Detailed, expert advice is our top priority in order to find the right solution for you from the wide range of models with extensions and accessories or a customised solution.


Refrigeration and climate technology, special constructions and neutralisation systems: We offer you the adequate product, the initial and re-qualification, maintenance and repair, also for third-party units, throughout Germany.

Refrigeration and climatic technology is our specialty

For energy-efficient products from all areas of refrigeration technology and climatic technology, always with state-of-the-art equipment, we at tritec® are exactly the right contact. tritec® Gesellschaft für Labortechnik und Umweltsimulation, based in Hanover, Germany, has been established on the market for almost 40 years due to the reliability and precision of its refrigeration and HVAC technology.

We supply your specialist laboratory with industry-specific and low-maintenance refrigeration and climatic technology. In addition to outstanding quality, our comprehensive range is characterized by its variety of models. These differ in size and capacity, so that every laboratory can find the ideal laboratory refrigerator or ultra-low deep freezer for its laboratory-specific requirements. You can not only customize the equipment, but also sensibly supplement it with additional accessories. Or you can plan a special construction with our experienced and competent team, so that the customized laboratory equipment meets your exact requirements and supports your employees in the best possible way at all times.

Equipment and systems for laboratories in medical, industrial and chemical sectors, as well as for universities, technical colleges and other educational institutions are our specialty. Whether you require a high-quality climatic cabinetcooling incubators or a sterilizer – with our versatile refrigeration and HVAC technology, we always find the right solution for our customers.

We are your partner
for refrigeration and climatic technology

When it comes to medical refrigerators, spark resistant refrigerators and other products in our portfolio, we place great value on the high-quality workmanship, user-related production and a comprehensive and individualised service. Our progressive products of refrigeration and HVAC technology and our expertise ensure that specialist personnel can work effectively and accurately as well as in a target-oriented manner. When developing our refrigeration and HVAC technology, we always keep an eye not only on the technical implementation but also on key aspects such as user-friendliness or safety. Therefore, all of our products reliably support various laboratories in different application areas on a daily basis.

In the segment of refrigeration and climatic technology, we at tritec® have been a stable and trustworthy partner at our customers’ side for decades. In addition, we are a solid sales-partner, because as tritec® GmbH we are responsible for the worldwide distribution of incubator rooms, laboratory deep freezers and other laboratory technology including the allocation of distribution rights of the respective countries.


Reliability and precision
of our refrigeration and HVAC technology
have the highest priority

We are aware that it is not only a high degree of reliability and precision that is required in sensitive areas like surgeries, laboratories and clinics with refrigeration and climatic technology, but rather also in-depth consultation. Our competent and highly motivated team of specialists guarantees user-related consultation including knowledge transfer, warranty service and the compliance with relevant regulations for chromatographic refrigeratorscooling rooms, and all other products from our range.

Modern equipment and high-quality procedural instruments create the conditions to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations: With us, you are always on the safe side!