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    Deep Freezer Room

    A tritec® deep freezer room is a high-quality precision room with GMP-compliant qualification that meets all current standards for cooling, temperature regulation and insulation (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ). In medical or pharmaceutical laboratories, a deep freezer room, in which samples, test-objects or medicines can be stored at very low temperatures, is essential. Walk-in climatic rooms allow you to work effectively with samples under the best conditions.

    Your laboratory samples are reliably and safely stored here in the required temperature range with low power consumption. You can determine the equipment in consultation with us and we will adapt the deep freezer room according to your specifications. tritec® guarantees you the use of high-quality materials and the latest technologies for a long service life.




    Deep freezer rooms


    Temperature from -10 °C to -80 °C


    Available in different sizes – dimensions of the deep freezer are freely selectable


    Self-supporting wall, ceiling and floor elements

    • in sandwich-construction type
    • 150 mm thick thermal insulation made of rigid polyurethane foam filled with cyclopentane (closed cell), a foam-density of 40 kg/m3 and a thermal conductivity group 025 according to DIN 4108
    • the cell elements are free of thermal bridges, solid and dimensionally accurate
    • element connection via slot/ridge system with PE foam band sealing between the elements and corrosion protected eccentric clamping locks


    Wall and ceiling elements inside and outside made of sendzimir-galvanized sheet steel, SmartProtec white, antimicrobial coating

    • door width adjustable from 700 to 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm, single-leafed
    • door hinges optionally right or left
    • larger dimensions as a double-leafed-door on request
    • outward opening, surface mounted door with magnetic sealing profile, rising and adjustable hinges, hairpin lock with spring-loaded latch with cylinder lock and emergency opener


    Equipment on customer request

    • capacity: 5 m3 to 100 m3, other sizes on request
    • horizontal/vertical air-convection provides excellent uniformity
    • electronic PID controller for temperature
    • wall bushing from 30 mm to 200 mm diameter
    • on request: stainless-steel housing
    • wide choice of accessories


    Your wishes are our mission!
    Please contact us.


    Did we pique your interest?

    Please download our prepared PDF-form below to request further details. Save and print the form and send it to back to us. We will contact you immediately and develop the best possible solution.


    Deep freezer room – reliable storage of samples

    With a deep freezer room, you create space for the safe storage of your samples, test objetcts and medications at low temperature. Choose the exact climatic conditions you need for your work in deep freezer and other rooms. The deep freezer room is an important tool in research. Since it is walk-in, you can process your samples and test objects directly on site.

    Ask tritec® directly so we can help to personally and individually determine the options for your deep freezer room. This way, you will receive a custom-made deep freezer that is tailored to your conditions and needs. For example, you order a larger variant of the deep freezer room in which you and your team can work together. Based on our experience in the production of high-quality climatic rooms, we offer you low-maintenance equipment that meets the highest technical standards. Rely on our deep freezer room, which meets all the current standards for the storage of samples and medicines.


    The deep freezer room and its advantages

    Deep freezer rooms are part of the common laboratory inventory and enable the reliable reproduction of constant temperature conditions. tritec® offers you intelligent solutions for your laboratory in the field of HVAC technology and refrigeration technology. Our special focus is on user-friendliness and safety through appropriate controls.

    tritec® deep freezer rooms enable storage in temperature ranges from -10 °C to -80 °C and are constructed according to the so-called sandwich principle. The wall, ceiling and floor elements are self-supporting. Additionally, the elements on the walls and ceilings are also made of special sheet steel and have an antibacterial coating. This reliably kills microorganisms and thus prevents the colonisation and reproduction of unwanted germs on surfaces. The risk of contamination of your samples is decisively minimized. tritec® guarantees ideal hygiene conditions at your workplace.


    Customized deep freezer rooms according to your specifications

    Part of our service is the adaptation of the deep freezer rooms to your specific requirements and dimensional specifications. We will gladly adapt all the variables of the equipment individually to your laboratory. For example, select the size of the climatic room. Common sizes are 5 m³ to 100 m³ – we will be pleased to advise you on possible other sizes on request. The door can also be adapted to your needs in terms of width and the way it opens. Furthermore, there is the option of selecting a full stainless-steel housing. Naturally, you can choose from a wide range of accessories to adapt the performance of the deep freezer room to your laboratory. Trust our expertise in the field of laboratory technology and benefit from our decades of experience in the construction of high-quality climatic chambers. For your inquiries, enter your data in our form and send it to us at info@tritec-klima.de. This allows us to have a first base for discussion, so we can start with the planning.

    Do you have any questions or are you interested in our product? For more information about or deep freezer room, contact our team. Also discover climatic cabinets, drying cabinets and incubators. Alternatively, you might find the right solution for your facility in our refrigeration technology range from laboratory refrigerators to medical refrigerators.