Get high quality ice makers at tritec®. For almost 40 years we have produced innovative laboratory technology of the highest quality and are known as reliable partners. Our devices are characterised by an outstanding degree of precision. The tritec® ice makers show the usual level of craftsmanship with which are able to improve your laboratory by making it more efficient. We offer ice flake makers and ice cube makers of our production.

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Find an ice maker that is suitable for your laboratory

With ice makers by tritec®, you have a choice of uniform ice cubes or high-quality produced flake ice at your disposal at any time. Depending on your choice, you will receive either flake ice with uniform grain or purest ice cubes of the highest quality. Laboratories such as yours can thus keep their samples cool even after they have been removed from the refrigerator or freezer. In order to protect your staff and your samples, the ice has no sharp edges. Find out more about ice cube makers as well as ice flake makers so you can choose the most suitable ice maker for special requirements for your laboratory.

Our range of ice makers is characterised by the different quantities of ice produced. Ice cube makers can produce between 24 and 80 kilograms of ice cubes per day, depending on the model you choose. In comparison, our variants of ice flake makers can produce a maximum of between 90 and 250 kilograms per day. Both types of ice makers are characterised by their high flexibility, for which we are known at tritec®. You determine whether the cooling of your device should be done with water or air.


Energy-efficient ice makers are state-of-the-art

The housing of the compactly built ice makers is made of stainless steel in CNS quality, the height can be adjusted with four feet and possible unevenness can be compensated. The plastic containers, in which finished ice cubes or ice flakes are hygienically stored until removal, have ABS quality. A sensor also reliably determines the exact temperature in the container and switches on the cooling unit only when required. The ice makers are therefore extremely energy-efficient and help you reduce your ongoing energy costs.

The energy efficiency and the exclusively high-quality materials as well as microprocessors of the latest generation are only two examples of the fact that we attach great importance to quality in the development and production of the ice makers. Not only do we draw on decades of experience, also our competent employees make use of all the possibilities. For the individual models of ice cube and ice flake makers, we have provided you with clear data sheets, so that you are able to  understand the technical details at your leisure and compare them with each other.


Ice makers that are low in noise support your operation

We support a wide variety of laboratories with our ice makers and our other versatile range of climatic products and cooling products. All our devices are characterised by maximum hygienic standard,s highest safety and user-friendliness. The low-maintenance ice makers also contribute to your smooth operation by allowing your staff to take ice for cooling from the low-noise units at any time without having to wait even a moment.

At tritec®, we are known for our high-quality climatic cabinets and other HVAC as well as cooling technology that can be flexibly adapted to your individual requirements. Of course, you can contact our staff at any time for individual advice or to find out about the feasibility of special designs, for example, if you have an even greater need for ice. Convince yourself of our flexibility and use our service to the full extent, with which we take care of your entire facility. Our motivation is to contribute to your success.