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    tritec® Incubator – Precision in the smallest space

    The new incubators by tritec® with an extended temperature range of 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 99.9 °C. They correspond to the latest technology and are designed for the optimal incubation of your cell cultures.

    The incubators are available with a capacity of 25 liters to 420 liters. The compact design of the incubator requires very little space in the laboratory.

    All incubators in this series are equipped with an adjustable air circulation fan, real-time clock and sterilization cycle. The cooperation between the temperature controller and the heating guarantees an optimum temperature stability. A fumigation with CO2 is possible.

    Tritec Heated Incubators




    tritec® Incubators


    Temperature range:

    • 5 °C (2 °C) above environmental temperature up to 99.9°C
    • temporal temperature accuracy: +/-0,2 °C
    • spatial temperature accuracy: +/-1,0 °C



    • 25 Litres
    • 51 Litres
    • 130 Litres
    • 420 Litres

    Two of the four models are table models and stackable


    Solid door

    • with right-hand hinge
    • additional inner door of glass
    • magnetic, all-round sealing strip, resistant to laboratory cleaning agents


    Fan speed adjustable in 10 steps.


    PID temperature controller
    digital LCD-indication, input of nominal value via keyboard. Keyboard is protected by a password, in order to refuse unauthorized access to persons.



    • over-temperature alarm
    • low temperature alarm
    • sensory error
    • real-time clock setting
    • data error
    • power failure


    Alarm output
    One potential free contact for external use is available.


    Temperature storage in the temperature controller
    A monitor for temperature control. Read the temperature (min. / Max. / Average) convenient to the regulator.


    Standby mode



    There are two different programs for possible timings.

    1. Standard timer
    2. Real Time Program


    Safety thermostat
    An automatic safety system that operates independently of the microprocessor controller. It switches off the heating in order to prevent overheating.


    The incubator is equipped with a fixed sterilization cycle of 180 °C in 40 minutes, which is started manually. During sterilization, the remaining time is displayed in minutes in the temperature controller.


    Additional accessories:

    • wall opening with piping connections and screw cap
    • CO2 fumigation


    Have we piqued your interest? 

    For more details please refer to the technical data sheets.
    Please select your preferred model: (other sizes on request)


    Incubators by tritec® for sensitive cell cultures

    An incubator is a device in which various development and growth processes of sensitive cell cultures can be created and maintained. The device uses controlled humidity and temperature parameters. In our segment of incubators we offer four products that are reliable, compactly built and therefore optimal for incubating cultures in your own laboratory. These are available in different sizes and have an adjustable circulating air fan, various alarm systems, a temperature controller and a sterilization cycle. In addition, temperature deviations can be set by the integrated real-time clock, which continues to run even when in standby mode.

    When developing the incubators, we also attach great importance to a high degree of user-friendliness in addition to the safety aspects. As soon as the incubator is in operation, it is able to alert the user of possible irregularities and temperature deviations. When it registers over- or undertemperature, it emits acoustic signals and a visual. The same high standards are set for our entire HVAC and cooling technology in order to always deliver high-quality laboratory equipment to our partners.


    Precise and reliable incubators for your laboratory

    Our incubators are of technical high quality. They differ only in their volume. The three smaller models, available with a capacity of 25, 51 and 130 litres, are table models that can be stacked where space is limited. In the standard version, they include two to four stainless steel shelves which can be extended with up to 16 shelves. The large incubator with a capacity of 430 litres is not stackable, but can accommodate up to 23 shelves.

    Thanks to the interaction of the PID temperature controller and the integrated heater, there is a constant heat inside of the incubator. The temperature is entered via the password-protected keyboard that contains a digital LCD display. Our incubators are designed for a range of 5 °C above the ambient temperature, up to 99.9 °C. For control purposes, the temperature is saved every minute 30 minutes after the setpoint value has been reached. It is possible to see and check the actual state on the control unit at any time. For this, there are two different time sequences available: the real-time program and the timer. Once the incubation of your cultures is complete, you can start the sterilization cycle and put the incubator into standby mode.


    We offer high quality for all our incubators

    Our incubators, like all our climatic products, are state-of-the-art. Our development department and our certified quality management ensure that we are constantly challenging boundaries and improving ourselves. Due to decades of experience, we are a leading expert in the field of laboratory technology and environmental simulation. In our product range you will find a low-maintenance incubator that you can expand with accessories and other functions. Thus, an optional fumigation with CO2 is also possible.

    For a detailed overview of our technical details and further information on each incubator, please refer to the data sheets on this page. Our staff will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us via our form or by phone – tritec® is looking forward to cooperating with you.