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    Laboratory Refrigerator/Deep Freezer

    tritec® laboratory refrigerator/freezer with 2 temperature ranges, designed for laboratories with limited space. The laboratory fridge-freezer is equipped with two completely separate cooling systems. Two temperature ranges can be set independently. This combination cabinets are also optionally available internally spark resistant.

    Air circulated refrigerator/deep freezer with grey stainless steel housing




    The tritec® Medical-pharmaceutical refrigerators has, depending on the model, extensive features:

    • Circulating air cooling
    • Three-layered glass door or solid door
    • Temperature range
    • 2°C to 20°C (other ranges on request)
    • Temperature accuracy +/- 1,8°C
    • Capacity 280 Litres up to 2300 Litres (other sizes on request)
    • High quality electronic temperature regulator, with interface RS 485
      • Digital selected- and actual value display, permanently readable.
      • Potential-free connection socket for extern alarm indication.
      • Selected value and alarm can be bolted against manipulation.
    • Acoustic and optical alarm indication when
      • Selected value is exceeded or insufficient (variably adjustable)
      • Faulty temperature sensor
      • “Door open” alarm (variably adjustable)
      • Defrost-time transgression (variable adjustable)
      • Power failure
    • Alarmsystem (Fault signalling equipment) with separate temperature sensor
      • Acoustic and optical temperature alarm
      • Protect products against low or excess temperatures
      • Potential-free connection socket for extern alarm indication
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Serial interface RS 485
      • Software for alarmsystem

    Our tritec® Medical-pharmaceutical refrigerators can be upgraded according to your wishes. A wide range of accessories allows you to equip your tritec® Medical-pharmaceutical refrigerator according to your specifications and requirements.

    Have we piqued your interest?
    For more details please refer to the technical data sheets.
    Please select your preferred model: (other sizes on request)

    PDF-logo-klein PDF-Data-Sheet: Medical-pharmaceutical refrigerators with 2 temperature ranges and 2 separate cooling systems also compliant with the DIN 58345




    To read our PDF-Data-Sheets, you need Acrobat Reader. Get it for free: acrobat

    Refrigerator and freezer units for your laboratory as a combination device – practical and reliable

    Our laboratory refrigerator and freezer units are exactly what you need if the floor space in your laboratory is limited and you require several refrigeration systems. A tritec® refrigerator and freezer combination unit has two autarkic refrigeration systems so that you can regulate two temperature ranges independently. This means that you can store sensitive goods with differing temperature requirements in a single laboratory device, which is not only extremely practical and reliable but is also guaranteed safe. Should you additionally work with inflammable or other dangerous substances, we offer you our specially developed combination devices also as an explosion-proof version. In our wide range you can find refrigeration and freezer units for your laboratory in various sizes, starting at 361 litres and up to a capacity of 2,300 litres. All technical details and also optional accessories are clearly arranged in the stored data sheets. Should you have any questions regarding our models or, for example, would like an individual consultation, we at tritec® are there for you. Call our service line at +49 (0) 511 3523508, write us an email to info@tritec-klima.de or use the contact form here on our website. Together we will always find the optimum solution for your laboratory!

    Refrigerator and freezer combination device: storing sensitive goods at uniform temperatures

    At tritec® we develop refrigeration and freezer units for your laboratory. We aspire to support your work with reliable and precise products. That is why we offer you chance to adapt the desired model to suit your needs even better with optional accessories. Our refrigeration and freezer combination devices units are made from high-quality materials that meet the high hygiene requirements of a laboratory environment. For example, our smallest model has a refrigeration area with a capacity of 254 litres and a freezer unit with a capacity of 107 litres. The temperature range of the refrigeration unit is from 3°C to 16°C and the range of the freezer unit is -9°C to -30°C. You can permanently read the actual value in the display of the control panel and the target value can also be displayed. The temperature range of our other models is stated in the respective data sheet. Alternatively, you can select the temperature control device TC 2015 for some of our devices. This control device also saves all events over several weeks and so supports your documentation. Take a moment to compare our models and discover the model that is just right for you.

    Laboratory deep-freezer and freezer unit with GMP qualification by tritec®

    When you choose laboratory equipment by tritec®, you can be sure to receive reliable, state of the art devices. We gladly perform the GMP-consistent qualification of your devices for you. For over 30 years we have developed and produced high-quality climate control and refrigeration technology to support you during your daily work. Put your trust in our low-maintenance climate control units and our comprehensive service. In addition to technical equipment, our competent, professional specialised employees provide close support to your laboratory, as partners at your side. They advise you on all issues regarding legal requirements and also give you detailed instructions on how to operate our devices. So, we are your reliable contact should you have specific wishes for the application of your new laboratory device.