Get the spark resistant laboratory refrigerator from tritec® for the safe storage of chemicals and other highly flammable liquids. This laboratory refrigerator is classified as "internally spark resistant" and complies with the guidelines for laboratories DGUV 213-850 as well as the ATEX directive 94/9/EC.

The cooling capacity of our laboratory refrigerator is quantified in spark resistant design from 180 litres to 2,300 litres. Special sizes are available on request. Numerous accessories allow individual equipment. Simply let us know your requirements so that we can make the refrigerator spark resistant and suitable for your circumstances.

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Spark resistant laboratory refrigerator

Interior of the laboratory refrigerator in spark resistant design (according to ATEX and DGUV 213-850 directives)

The spark resistant laboratory refrigerators from tritec® are – depending on the model – controlled via a touchscreen temperature controller with the possibility of exporting all temperature-relevant data using the standard USB interface or the Ethernet connection. To prevent manipulations, changes to the parameters and quitting of the alarm are only possible after entering a password.

In the housing of the temperature controller there are all relevant components for using the cabinet. Plug-in connectors of the electrical supply pipes allow a service friendly exchange, if necessary.

  • Touchscreen Display, size 12,5 cm (5“)
  • PT1000 temperature sensor for better temperature control accuracy
  • Digital temperature setting and display with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C
  • Power supply of 100 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
  • Password protected to prevent manipulations
  • Data import/export via USB or Ethernet



  • Noticeable optical alarm
  • Audible alarms with muting: continuous warning indication on the display and automatic return after three minutes when the alarm situation still exists
  • Alarm acknowledgment with password protection


Displayed alarm messages

  • High and low temperature (variably adjustable)
  • Open door alarm (variably adjustable)
  • Power failure
  • Temperature sensor failure
  • Defrost-time transgression (variably adjustable)
  • Optional: cooling machine monitoring with overheat protection


Alarm memory
Storage for the last 100 alarm conditions, with the possibility of review on the display and archiving the data via USB or Ethernet – memory can not be deleted


Event memory
Storage for approximately 4 weeks, with the possibility of review on the display and archiving the data via USB or Ethernet – in the event log all the operations of the controller are saved, such as:

  • Doorways
  • Parameter changes
  • Cooling equipment function, etc


Graphical display of the temperature profile in the display

  • Illustration of the actual value and if requested of the product sensor on the display and archiving via USB or Ethernet – view period freely selectable
  • USB Export
  • Network connection
  • NO/NC contact
  • Maintenance message
  • Test facilities for alarm limits and battery charge status



  • 0..20 mA Output
  • Battery modules as standard: in case of power failure self-contained supply of the temperature controller with a powerful battery – all control functions are saved for about 72 hours
  • WLAN-Module
  • Interface, RS 485 (galvanically isolated)
  • Remote maintenance
  • Alarm system
    • Independent product sensor
    • Product protection against low temperatures: by dropping below the setpoint value, the cooling machine will switch off
    • Battery Module as a standard feature
  • Software: enables you to check several cooling units at a glance, even from multiple devices


The laboratory refrigerator in spark resistant design has, depending on the model, extensive equipment features:

  • Circulating air cooling
  • Solid door or glass door
  • Temperature range
    • 2 °C to 20 °C or 2 °C to 10 °C
    • Temperature accuracy +/-1,8 °C
  • Capacity
    • 180 litres up to 2,300 litres (other sizes on request)


A wide range of accessories allows you to equip your spark resistant laboratory refrigerator from tritec® according to your specifications and requirements.

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Spark resistant refrigerator for storing flammable materials

If you work, among other things, with flammable substances or chemicals in your laboratory, a laboratory refrigerator in spark resistant design is necessary. This ensures safe storage and protection of your employees. Otherwise, an open or leaking container poses the risk of an explosion being triggered by a spark. For this reason, there are precise specifications for the storage of hazardous substances and for the refrigerators used for this purpose, the interiors of which must be free of ignition sources. The regulations are partly laid down in Directive 94/9/EC issued by the EU and are described in detail in that paper. In our range, we offer you a selection of low-maintenance spark resistant refrigerators with a cooling capacity of 180 to 2,300 litres. In addition, we manufacture special sizes on request, so take the time to discover the optimal refrigerator or deep freezer in spark resistant design for your laboratory and set the course for a safe workplace.


Individualise your spark-resistant refrigerator with accessories

Our smallest spark resistant refrigerator has a temperature controller with a capillary sensor on the outside, with which you can set a temperature range from 1 to 15 °C. Our product range also includes variants with the touchscreen temperature controller TC 2015. You can operate the controller via the password-protected display and additionally show event lists or the temperature curve graphically. Stored data can be exported for archiving via the USB port or Ethernet.

All of our laboratory refrigerators (spark resistant as well as standard) have recirculating air cooling, which ensures permanently constant temperatures. You have various options to customise the refrigerator to your requirements, for example by choosing a stainless steel interior or a glass door instead of galvanised, powder-coated sheet steel. For optimal storage of hazardous substances, you can purchase additional stainless steel shelves or drawers. Take a look at our wide range of products to find the ideal spark resistant refrigerator, combined refrigerators and deep freezers or cooling rooms for your laboratory. The technical details for the respective models as well as optional accessories are available on the data sheets on this website.


ATEX refrigerator according to DGUV 213-850 – safe working with hazardous substances

The work with flammable and therefore dangerous substances is subject to strict guidelines. If you equip your laboratory refrigerator spark resistant, we make sure that it complies with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC of the EU for protection against explosions as well as the laboratory directive DGUV 213-850 for safe working. This means that you acquire a high-quality and reliable laboratory device with GMP qualification from us. The development of all tritec® products is based on our expertise and the experience we have gained over the decades. This makes us just as much an expert in the field of refrigeration technology as for HVAC technology and a reliable partner at your side. We attach great importance to providing your laboratory with the best possible support by supplying you with high-quality, customisable laboratory equipment that is tailored to your specific requirements. If you have any questions about spark resistant laboratory refrigerators, about our climatic cabinets and our services, or if you would like advice, please feel free to contact us at any time.