Spark Resistant Interior (Acc. To Atex Guidelines)

The spark resistant combined laboratory refrigerators/deep freezers are specially designed for the orderly storage of chemicals, patterns, toxic materials and other flammable liquids at temperatures below freezing.

The spark resistant laboratory refrigerator/deep freezer is equipped with two completely separate cooling systems, so that two temperature ranges can be set independently (2 °C to 15 °C and -5 °C to -30 °C).

Additional information

Circulating air cooling in the refrigeration unit and static cooling in the freezer unit

-> Solid door
-> Temperature range

-> 3°C to 16°C and -9°C to -30°C

-> Capacity

-> 254 Litres in the refrigeration unit
-> 107 Litres in the freezer unit


-> 2 Separate high quality electronic temperature regulator

-> Digital selected- and actual value display

-> Actual value permanently readable

-> Selected value digital adjustable via membrane key pad.

-> Temperature abnormalities optical and acoustic displayed.

-> Power failure alarm, by power return

-> Potential-free connection socket for extern alarm indication.


-> 2 separate Refrigeration units


Technical indication:

This refrigerator is classified as “internally spark resistant” and have no electrical components in the interior, reducing the risk of fire or explosion. (The class of explosion protection provided by this equipment meets Federal German safety regulations for laboratory equipment DGUV Information 213-850. The appropriate regulations must be observed in other countries).

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Spark resistant combined refrigerator and deep freezer fulfils the guidelines for laboratories DGUV 213-850 and the Atex guidelines 94/9EG

Do you need a spark resistant combined refrigerator/deep freezer for your laboratory to safely store chemicals, flammable liquids or toxic materials? tritec® offers you the perfect solution! Our products are not only GMP-certified but also comply with the EU Directive 94/9/EC for equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres, and the guidelines for laboratories DGUV 213-850. These are laboratory guidelines that are intended to ensure safe working conditions. For example, there are no electrical ignition sources inside such a device. In our high-quality laboratory cooling and freezing combination, you store samples and materials at constant temperatures. A total of 361 litres are available for this purpose, distributed over two separate cooling systems. The refrigerator of the combination unit has a capacity of 254 litres and a temperature range of 3° to 16°. The deep freezer, on the other hand, covers a range from -9° to -30°. Two controls make it easy to operate and install the required settings on the spark resistant combined refrigerator/deep freezer.


Combined refrigerator/deep freezer for hazardous materials

The housing of the combined refrigerator/deep freezer consists of galvanised sheet steel, which has been sealed with an epoxy resin coating. In addition, the combination unit has an acid-resistant sealing strip. On the display of the temperature controller you can read off the actual value at any time and set the setpoint using the foil buttons. If deviations occur, these are indicated both optically and acoustically. When you open one of the two doors, a circulating air fan is automatically switched on. This prevents warm air from being sucked in, so that the set temperatures remain constant. For the upper refrigerator, we supply three glass drawers that are height-adjustable and can each carry 40 kilograms of weight. You also get three drawers for the freezer compartment. Of course, you have the opportunity to have a look at all the technical details for the spark resistant combined refrigerator/deep freezer at your leisure. You will find a data sheet for each of our laboratory units on the corresponding page, so that you can compare different models with each other. If you have any questions about our refrigeration and freezer combinations or would like advice, simply contact our staff. Write us an e-mail at or call our service hotline on +49 511 3523508. Together we will always find the best solution for your laboratory!


Spark resistant combined refrigerator/deep freezer: technology from tritec®

The development of our entire range of climatic cabinets is based on our expertise and experience gained over 40 years. We offer you laboratory equipment from the field of HVAC and refrigeration technology. We are constantly working on further optimising ourselves and our laboratory equipment in order to provide you with the best possible support. As our partner you will receive reliable and precise spark resistant combined refrigerator/deep freezers that are tailored to your specific requirements. We manufacture state-of-the-art equipment to suit your premises. In addition to our excellent quality, we attach great importance to a comprehensive and individual service, with which we will be happy to support your medical, industrial or research laboratory in the future. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we at tritec® are aware of our responsibility as your laboratory supplier and would like to contribute to your success with our low-maintenance and precise equipment.