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    Refrigerator with 2 temperature ranges Precision compact


    Precision compact: Medical refrigerators with 2 temperature ranges, according to DIN 58345

    The tritec® medical refrigerator with 2 temperature ranges was specially designed for laboratories with little space or without a cooling room to safely store your sensitive medications. The low-maintenance medical refrigerator is equipped with two separate cooling systems and control units. These can also be selected with DIN 58345-compliant equipment.

    The tritec® medical refrigerators are available in individual equipment with a cooling capacity of 280 to 2.300 liters. Also available as laboratory refrigerator or ultra deep freezer with solid door.

    Medical air circulated refrigerator with two glass doors




    Precision compact

    Medical combined refrigerators with 2 temperature ranges and 2 separate cooling systems, also according to DIN 58345.

    Depending on the model, the tritec® medical combined refrigerators are controlled via a touchscreen temperature controller with the option of exporting all temperature-relevant data via the standard USB interface or the LAN connection. For safety reasons, parameter changes and alarm acknowledgement are only possible after password entry.

    The housing of the temperature controller contains all relevant components for operating the cabinet. This "box system", and simple plug-in connections of the electrical supply lines, allow service-friendly replacement, if required.

    • touch screen display, size 12.5 cm (5")
    • PT1000 temperature sensor for better accuracy of temperature control
    • digital temperature setting and display with 0.1 °C accuracy
    • power supply of 100-240 V and 50-60 Hz
    • password protected to prevent tampering



    • noticeable optical alarm
    • audible alarms with muting, continuous warning indication on the display, after 3 minutes renewed audible signal, should the alarm situation persist
    • alarm acknowledgment with password protection


    Displayed alarm messages

    • high and low temperature (variably adjustable)
    • door-open-alarm (variably adjustable)
    • power failure
    • temperature sensor failure
    • defrost time transgression (variably adjustable)
    • optional: cooling machine monitoring with overheating protection


    Alarm memory
    Storage of max. 100 alarm conditions, with the possibility of checking in the display. Memory not erasable.


    Event list

    Storage for approximately 4 weeks, with the possibility of review on the display. In the event list all the operations of the controller are saved, such as:

    • door openings
    • parameter changes
    • cooling machine function etc.


    Graphical representation of the temperature curve in the display

    Display of the actual value and, if necessary, the product sensor. Viewing period freely selectable.

    USB export
    Network connection
    Connection for external error signal, potential free.
    Maintenance message
    Test facilities for alarm limits and battery charge level


    • 0…20 mA output
    • battery modules as standard

    In case of mains power failure, the temperature controller is supplied independently of the mains power by a powerful battery. All control functions are maintained for about 72 hours.

    • WLAN module
    • interface, RS 485 (galvanically isolated)
    • remote maintenance
    • alarm system
    • independent product sensor for reference measurement
    • product protection against low temperatures

    If the temperature falls below the set limit value, the cooling is switched off.

    • battery modules as standard
    • Software enables clear monitoring of measured values, even from several devices

    Depending on the model, the tritec® medical combined refrigerators can offer extensive equipment features:

    » recirculating air cooling
    » three-layer insulating glass door or solid door
    » LED interior lighting
    » temperature range

    • 2 °C to 20 °C (other temperature ranges on request)
    • temperature accuracy +/- 1.8 °C

    » capacity

    • 280 litres to 2.300 litres (special sizes on request)

    A wide range of special equipment allows you to equip your tritec® medication combined refrigerator according to your specifications or wishes.

    Have we piqued your interest?
    For more details please refer to the technical data sheets.
    Please select your preferred model: (other sizes on request)

    PDF-logo-klein PDF-Data-Sheet: Medical pharmaceutical refrigerator with 2 temperature ranges




    To read our PDF-Data-Sheets, you need Acrobat Reader. Get it for free: acrobat


    Medical refrigerator with two temperature ranges, according to DIN 58345

    tritec® offers you medical refrigerators with two temperature ranges, which can meet the requirements of DIN 58345 with the equipment you select. Proper storage in one of our medical refrigerators preserves the effectiveness of vaccinations and medications until they reach their expiration date. This is also the aim of DIN 58345, which was issued in 2007 and specifies the quality requirements for pharmaceutical medical refrigerators. Among other things, a medical refrigerator must issue a visual and acoustic alarm in the event of a power failure or temperature fluctuation.

    However, our modern touch screen temperature controller TC 2015 does much more with our medical refrigerators with two temperature ranges. Store up to 100 alarm conditions in the temperature controller, which also records all events such as the opening of the door for documentation. DIN 58345 also requires a temperature range of +2 ° to +8 ° Celsius to keep medications cool. This range is covered by all our medical refrigerators of this design. The second independent space covers the temperature range of +8 ° to 20 ° Celsius as standard with us, which you can use as you wish. With one of our high-quality medical refrigerators consisting of two temperature areas, you can be sure that your medicines and vaccines are stored at maximum safety and constant temperatures.


    Choose your medical refrigerator with two temperature ranges including accessories

    We want our precise medical refrigerator with two constant temperature ranges to help you do your best work, so we offer different sizes as well as many customization options. You have the option to choose stainless steel, instead of galvanized sheet steel, for both the height-adjustable outer housing and the interior. So that you can also move the medical refrigerator with two constant temperature ranges effortlessly and at any time in the future, equip it with additional castors right away. Our laboratory equipment is designed to simplify your internal processes, which is why we supply you, for example, with the medical cabinet with a right-hand or left-hand stop at no extra charge, so that it can be opened easily from its location in your company.

    In addition to optional door locks or a solid material door, we offer you interior lighting, which, like the convection cooling, is automatically switched on and off via a microswitch. To keep your medications well organized, you can select additional stainless steel drawers to go with the coated wire mesh shelves. With each decision you get closer to the individualized medical refrigerator with two temperature ranges according to your wishes. The exact dimensions, the dimensions of the compartments and all other details can be found on the deposited data sheets for each model.


    Our dual temperature range medical refrigerators exceed your expectations

    When developing our HVAC and refrigeration technology, in addition to the technical aspects, we attach great importance to the fact that you can tailor it to the specific requirements of your laboratory. So, you always get the highest quality from us, from cooling incubators to drying cabinets, which you can rely on every day. You can therefore get the medical refrigerator with two temperature ranges in different sizes and consequently with different capacities from 280 to 2.300 litres. Pharmacies, medical practices and clinics as well as pharmaceutical companies are sure to find a suitable model for their premises. If this is not the case or if you require a different temperature range, we will be happy to implement this together with you after checking for feasibility. Contact our experienced team and receive from us a GMP-qualified medical refrigerator with two temperature ranges, which completely fulfills your expectations. We at tritec® are not only experts in high-quality climatic cabinets, but are also available to you with our service, which includes regular maintenance as well as the qualification of third-party equipment.