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tritec® supports your laboratory by providing modern cooling products

Get reliable cooling products by tritec®. We offer suitable and low-maintenance refrigeration technology for every laboratory. Besides the safe storage of our samples, we attach great importance to the specific requirements of your work. Pharmaceutical companies can keep sensitive medication in our refrigerators that are compliant with DIN 58345. Industrial laboratories can find combined devices in our product range that are spark-resistant according to the ATEX directive 94/9E as well as laboratory directive DGUV 213-850. Our cooling products are especially suitable for the storage of dangerous samples and materials. In addition, we can supply you with deep freezer chests as well as portable devicesicemakerscooling and deep freezer rooms, and accessories of various kinds.

When designing our laboratory equipment, it is important to us that the corresponding refrigeration technology can be easily integrated into your premises and the production process. Our range of products includes refrigeration technology for different areas of application and in various sizes. Our combined and portable devices are particularly space-saving units. If feasible, we manufacture a custom-made cooling or deep-freezer room as well as other cooling products according to your individual specifications. With our high-quality refrigeration technology the storage of even the most sensitive samples in your laboratory is possible.


Individualise our refrigeration technology with optional accessories

Our refrigeration technology corresponds to the state-of-the-art and therefore meets the current requirements. All of our devices keep the set temperature constantly, so that your samples are always stored under optimal conditions. With the help of an easy-to-use temperature control, you can place precise entries. For each model from our product range, you will find all technical information clearly summarised on the corresponding data sheet. In this, you will also get further information on available optional accessories.

The accessories include for example, our touchscreen temperature control and a wireless data logger. Some units can also be equipped with a glass door so that you always have an overview of the stored products. When the doors are open, the circulating air technology is switched off. This prevents the air from being drawn in from outside and the temperature inside from rising too much. After closing the doors, the fans start again and achieve temperature stability.

Rely on tritec®’s quality. We supply you with a device tailored to your specific areas of application. If you have any questions about a device or if you would like a consultation, please contact our experienced staff.


Trust in our quality and our service for cooling products

In the field of cooling and climatic products we at tritec®, the Gesellschaft für Labortechnik und Umweltsimulation mbH, are experts due to our long-term experience. Our certified quality management is constantly striving for further improvement. With us you get high-quality climatic cabinets as well as individual service for your laboratory. Trust in our experienced staff.