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    Cooling Products





    tritec® refrigeration technology assists your laboratory with the storage of samples

    At tritec® we offer each laboratory, no matter what the existing equipment, low-maintenance refrigeration technology. Here we place, in addition to the safe storage, great value on the specific requirements of each and every laboratory. Pharmaceutical companies store their medicinal supplies in our refrigeration units according to DIN 58345. We also offer industrial laboratories explosion-proof versions according to ATEX Directive 94/9E and laboratory directive DGUV 213-850 for the storage of hazardous samples and materials.

    When you take a look at our refrigeration technology you will notice that we take great care to ensure that the appropriate refrigeration technology is smoothly integrated into your premises and the production process, in addition to paying attention to the focus of your laboratory. In our range we carry refrigeration technology for different areas of application and correspondingly also various sizes. Our combination or portable refrigeration devices from the tritec® range are particularly space-saving. We will also build a refrigeration or deep freezer room completely according to your individual specifications. Should our refrigeration devices not offer the desired size, we can, in close cooperation and after reviewing the feasibility, build a special construction for you. Storage in your laboratory is effortless with our high-quality refrigeration technology devices.


    Individualise our refrigeration technology with optional equipment

    Refrigeration technology devices by tritec® are state of the art. The individual devices maintain the constant temperature, pre-set by you at the easy to operate temperature regulator. This means that your samples are always stored under optimum conditions. You can find all technical information for every model of a device in the respective date sheet. Further, you can find information which optional accessories are available for the selected device.

    In the range of accessories we offer you withdrawable units to facilitate organisation. Some deep freezer devices can be equipped with a glass door instead of a full door, so that you can always have an eye on the stored products. The circulation cooling is switched off when the door is opened. This prevents air from outside being drawn in that would cause the interior temperature to rise excessively. After the door has been closed the ventilators start up again in order to achieve temperature stability as quickly as possible. Should you require new refrigeration technology for your laboratory, do not settle for conventional standard products. Rather choose quality by tritec® because we deliver a device tailored to your specific needs. Should you have any questions regarding any of our devices or you would like an individual consultation, simply contact our experienced employees.


    Rely on our quality and our service for refrigeration technology

    At tritec® der Gesellschaft für Labortechnik und Umweltsimulation mbH [laboratory technology and environment simulation Ltd.], we are experts in refrigeration technology due to our enormous wealth of experience. Our certified quality management works constantly to further advance our performance. Put your trust in us and be confident that at tritec® you receive only high-quality climate control cabinets and individual service for your laboratory. It is our aim to assist the laboratory work of your employees every day with sophisticated climate control and refrigeration technology.

    We also gladly perform the regular maintenance and servicing of the devices. We offer our comprehensive service including qualification with our measuring case in site in your laboratory also for refrigeration technology that we did not produce. You can concentrate fully on your work with the knowledge that your laboratory is well-equipped and the samples are safe.