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A heated incubator with CO2 fumigation: cultivate cells without contamination

A heated incubator with CO2 fumigation supports the incubation of cell cultures in your laboratory. The design of an incubator with CO2 fumigation prevents the contamination with germs. We know, due to our wealth of experience, that an infestation with germs is difficult to calculate. Furthermore, the contamination may not be directly visible on the samples themselves. Germs can also find their way into an incubator through personnel, through the air or through inadequate cleaning. Each of these factors can ruin weeks or months of your work.

A heated incubator with CO2 fumigation provides the perfect conditions for the growth of the samples but also promotes the reproduction of germs. Accordingly, a careful handling of the cultures and a sterile environment are crucial for the success of research work when using an incubator with CO2 fumigation.

Pay attention to these factors when purchasing an incubator with CO2 fumigation

Do you know which factors you should pay attention to when purchasing an incubator with CO2 fumigation? By buying a fitting incubator, you can play a decisive role in reliably preventing contamination. Heated incubators with CO2 fumigation by tritec® meet the highest hygienic requirements and are state-of-the-art. The interiors of the units are designed to enable reliable cleaning and therefore offer as few hiding places for germs as possible. We would be pleased to support you in choosing the fitting equipment for your laboratory. We manufacture incubators with CO2 fumigation that are tailored to your ideas and adapted to the conditions in your laboratory.

Our heated incubators with CO2 fumigation are available in different sizes. Due to the large selection of additional accessories, the incubator can be perfectly integrated into your existing laboratory environment. When choosing a high-quality incubator with CO2 fumigation by tritec®, we recommend a decontamination at regular intervals. This is important to ensure ideal working conditions. You should also pay attention to maintaining the hygiene and care standards. Individual sterilization procedures are subject to internationally valid standards. You should take these into account when decontaminating your heated incubator.

Filter systems, niches or surfaces with joints inside your incubator can be breeding grounds for germs. Condensation water also promotes their multiplication. Therefore, the interior of the incubator should have smooth surfaces with rounded corners. In general, the complexity of the installations should be reduced as far as possible. This makes it easier to clean the interior and reduces the risk of contamination hiding places. During the incubation process it should also be ensured that that no uncontrolled formation of condensation water occurs inside your incubator. This will minimize the risks of infestation and contamination.

Different methods are used for the decontaminating process. A hot air sterilization ensures the elimination of possible germs by heating the interior at temperatures between 120 and 140 °C or 160 and 180 °C. The sterilization process can also occur by using moist heat and a temperature range of 90 to 95 °C can, although it does not ensure complete inactivation for all types of germs. In addition, the fumigation with hydrogen peroxide steam can be performed. This process is particularly well known. Since hydrogen peroxide has a cytotoxic effect, it must be deactivated by UV irradiation to create a safe working environment after decontamination.

Furthermore, the design of the interior of an incubator plays a role in the reliability of performing a decontamination. The actions described in the previous section require an interruption of the ongoing operation, although there are decontamination measures which can be carried out regularly or which are facilitated by the basic design of your incubator.

Choose an incubator with CO2 fumigation that is suitable for your laboratory

With a regular cleaning and maintenance, an incubator with CO2 fumigation by tritec® is an optimal place for the cultivation of your samples. At tritec® you get cooling incubators with CO2 fumigation and a capacity of 182 to 1,350 litres. A modern CO2 control and a safety thermostat allow you to precisely determine the climate inside the incubator. Simulate night and day and monitor your settings at any time thanks to our digital display. We offer you powerful incubators with CO2 fumigation that have many advantages.

Incubators with CO2 fumigation and more cooling and climatic products by tritec®

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