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Environmental protection in the laboratory with tritec®

tritec® firmly supports environmental protection in the laboratory. That is why we use our modern equipment to enable the most efficient possible storage of medicines, samples or vaccines. This refers to both the technology of the laboratory refrigerators as well as the basic design. Energy-saving elements contribute to environmental protection in the laboratory, as do replaceable control systems. Find out more about the work of tritec® in refrigeration technology here.

Environmental protection in the laboratory at lowest temperatures

In laboratory operation, in pharma, research, and industry, reliable technology is of great importance. Temperature changes can cause major damage, which is why the focus often lies on the performance. We make sure that environmental protection is maintained in the laboratory while ensuring this performance. From laboratory refrigerators to laboratory deep freezers to laboratory ultra deep freezers – efficiency is a vocal point so that you can refrigerate vaccines at temperatures as low as -86 °C while leaving an environmental footprint that is as small as possible.

In addition, modern components enable us to provide long-term solutions, thanks to which you can use your cooling products for several years. For example, our environmental protection in the laboratory includes a sustainable control system that is usually simply repaired in the event of a defect. This allows you to continue using them instead of replacing them completely. To do this, we use a plug-in system that allows you, the user, to remove the controller yourself and send it in. This not only saves you resources, but also your wallet. Of course, if necessary, you will be given the option of having the controller replaced in its entirety, which will allow you to continue using your refrigeration unit despite any major damage to the controller.

Rely on the versatile and efficient solutions from tritec® for more environmental protection in the laboratory. Our technology, from medical refrigerators to incubators, is based on sustainability with low energy consumption. We also offer a comprehensive service to take care of maintenance and any necessary repairs. In this way, we ensure the longevity of our refrigeration and HVAC technology.