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Buying a cooling room – what to consider?

You are thinking of buying a cooling room and wonder what to look out for? tritec® gives you a little insight into the world of refrigeration technology. Cooling rooms are established in a wide range of industries: food is cooled in restaurants, plants are preserved in flower stores, and medicines are protected in the pharmaceutical industry. With our technology, we have specialized in the pharmaceutical sector, research and laboratories. In these areas, a particularly high level of reliability is required, as numerous guidelines and specifications must be adhered to. Accordingly, we also know what you can look out for before you are buying a cooling room.

Buying a cooling room for high reliability

Before you are buying a cooling room, the reason for the purchase is important. What materials do you want to store? At what temperatures will they be stored? Do you need additional security? A good cooling room will provide you with constant climatic conditions. To do this, it combines reliable cooling, a temperature controller and strong insulation. For example, if you want to store medicines outside a medical refrigerator in a cooling room, maintaining the temperature will ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine. When you are buying a cooling room, additional controls are therefore essential. For example, you can have visual and audible alarms installed that are activated when the temperature exceeds or falls below a specific range.

Buying the right cooling room

Buying the right cooling room is directly linked to a precise idea of how much you want to store. Compared to a laboratory refrigeratorincubator or climatic cabinet, a cooling room offers an enormous amount of space, but even this wants to be used effectively. From a compact five cubic meters to a mini-storage of 100 cubic meters, tritec® offers you individual solutions. In addition to the sheer volume, the design is also important when you are buying your cooling room. For example, what wall thickness is necessary to ensure the most efficient design? How do you want to design the door? Should it open to the left side or even be double-leaf? In a small lab, addressing such questions early on can provide much freedom after you bought the cooling room.

Buying the cooling room and enjoying the service

When you are buying a cooling room, you get involved with technology. This wants to be set up, maintained and possibly repaired accordingly. So, think beyond the purchase to the service that comes with the equipment. We at tritec®, for example, are subject to a certified quality management that constantly improves our procedures. In the course of purchase, we offer you qualification and calibration in accordance with “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP), which confirms the suitability of the cold room for its intended use. Our service offer extends beyond cooling rooms to the entire refrigeration and HVAC technology as well as to third-party equipment.

Look out for maximum safety and modern technology when you are buying a cooling room. Make sure that its design fits your individual laboratory and focus on good service beyond the technology. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly. We at tritec® will be happy to help you out.