Blood bank refrigerator and medical refrigerator

In a blood bank refrigerator, as the name suggests, you store blood banks in your laboratory. With the modern devices from tritec® you ensure constant temperatures so that the samples are cooled throughout and can be used for further research and work. The same principle applies to our medical refrigerators, which cover a temperature range of 2 °C to 20 °C as standard. With a laboratory ultra deep freezer, you can even lower the temperatures to -86 °C, which makes it possible to store vaccines against COVID-19, for example.

Advantages of medical and blood bank refrigerator

The blood bank storage in a blood bank refrigerator from tritec® offers numerous advantages. With the PT1000 temperature sensor, the temperature inside the unit is precisely determined and further cooled. This allows consistent temperatures between 2 °C and 8 °C (other temperature ranges on request). Numerous variably adjustable alarm messages ensure that external factors do not influence the temperatures inside. For example, visual and audible alarms are triggered if the door of the blood bank refrigerator is left open, if there is a power failure or if the temperature sensor fails. In addition, the alarm basically starts as soon as there are over- or subtemperatures. With volumes ranging from 110 to 2,300 litres (and special sizes on request), you can order your blood bank refrigerator to match the size and conditions of your laboratory.

Besides the blood bank storage, the storage of medicines in a medical refrigerator is very much in demand. Especially in this area, we are aware of our great responsibility and ensure with modern technology that the specified temperatures are maintained. Just like the blood bank refrigerator, you can have this unit equipped according to DIN standards and enjoy maximum safety. Additionally, the medical refrigerator offers you a variety of features that increase convenience and reliability. These include alarm messages, a temperature sensor, a network connection, maintenance messages and many more, which you already know from our blood bank refrigerator.

Optional features allow you to further equip your medical or blood bank refrigerator. These include a Wi-Fi module, a 0.20 mA output or the option of remote maintenance. Independently of this, tritec® is at your side with a comprehensive service.

Further technology from tritec®

With tritec® you can rely on modern and versatile refrigeration and HVAC technology. Medical or blood bank refrigerators are only one part of our wide range of products. You can also discover deep freezerscombination units, and cooling rooms from our cooling products or take a look at our climatic products. Here you will find climatic cabinetsheating cabinets, and neutralization systems. With all our equipment, you benefit from modern and reliable technology that makes your work in the laboratory easier.