Antibacterial coating of tritec® refrigerators and freezers

The antibacterial coating of tritec® refrigerators and deep freezers helps to store sensitive goods and samples under optimal conditions. The cabinets are treated with a special antibacterial surface protection. Both the interior and the outer housing are thus even better protected against the adhesion of bacteria and germs. The special coating has an antibacterial effect without affecting your health or the condition of the stored products. Our cooling technology is therefore suitable for pharmaceutical facilities, as laboratory refrigerator in research, and everywhere where sterile conditions are required.

The all-round protection provided by an antibacterial coating adds to the required regular cleaning and compliance with hygiene regulations. The antibacterial coating reduces the bacterial load, it inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, and thus increases the safety of stored medicines, blood reserves or laboratory samples. Our high-quality, modern refrigeration technology reliably supports your work through sterility and precision.

Antibacterial surface coating reduces the risk of contamination in the laboratory

An antibacterial surface coating provides additional safety in daily handling of different samples. We mark the refrigerators and deep freezers that have the additional protection against bacterial adhesion with a special logo in our data sheets. The housings of the corresponding products can be recognized at first glance by the white surface. The antibacterial coating is applied in a special process, which reduces the bacterial recolonization at central points of contact, such as the door. The antibacterial coating prevents bacteria from settling on the surfaces of the refrigerator in the long term, both during storage and removal. This effectively reduces the risk of contamination.

The easy-to-clean interior used in a blood plasma freezer or medical refrigerator also has this special antibacterial coating. The smooth surfaces with rounded corners meet the highest hygiene requirements. Adapt the refrigeration technology to your needs in terms of capacity and accessories without forgoing the antibacterial coating and other quality features. Contact us – we offer you individual solutions. Set up your workplace with powerful and user-friendly products from tritec®. Set the course for your company’s success with our refrigerators and deep freezers.

Advantages of the antibacterial coating of cooling technology

Refrigerators and deep freezers with antibacterial coating reduce the number of bacteria. This effect is permanently maintained, so that the purchase is a lasting investment in the quality of your laboratory operation. The coated surfaces are resistant to cleaning agents, so that the surfaces can be cleaned as before. With tritec® you ensure that you store your sensitive products under optimal conditions.

tritec® is your reliable partner who shares your high requirements and manufactures high-performing and safe refrigerators and freezers from ultra deep freezers to chromatographic refrigerators. Discover our refrigerators and freezers with antibacterial coating here. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of solutions in the field of HVAC technology, such as a neutralization system or an incubator. If you would like to realize a special construction with antibacterial coating together with tritec®, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions about our product range. This offers you the ideal conditions for successful work with sterile stored samples and products on a daily basis.