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The incubator and its function

The incubator has the function of developing cell and fabric cultures in a defined microclimate. To ensure this, clocks, thermostats, alarms and much more are installed. These ensure smooth work under laboratory conditions with which the biological processes can be precisely documented. We will show you the various functions of an incubator that you can use in the laboratory on the basis of our modern equipment.

Maximum safety for optimal results

Get reliable help in your laboratory by relying on an incubator. The function of the incubator is to incubate cell cultures under ideal conditions. Several sizes and capacities are available to you for this purpose. For example, at tritec® we offer various devices ranging from stackable table-top models (25 litres) to large cabinets with a capacity of 420 litres. If required, you can also order a incubator room, the size of which you determine individually.

If you want to buy an incubator, safety and reliability are of great importance. In order to keep the temperatures constant from 5 °C to 99.9 °C, we rely on various functions when designing the incubator. For example, several alarms are installed as standard in our HVAC technology. These include acoustic and optical signals if the temperatures rise or fall above the setpoint. Sensor errors in the thermostat and data errors also lead to alarms, as does a power failure. To be able to control the temperatures, we offer a PID temperature controller with digital LCD display. Here you can read the actual value, the set value and the time. In addition, the temperature is stored in the controller so that you can check the values.

Independent of the microprocessor controller, we install an automatic safety system in the incubator. This function adapts to the setpoints and ensures that the heaters inside are switched off in case of overheating and that the incubator is automatically switched on again when the temperature drops.

Special models for the incubator in the laboratory

You can add different features to your incubator or buy special versions of the incubators. For example, a cooling incubator has a lower temperature range of -9.9 °C up to 70 °C, while retaining the same reliable safety features to ensure temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3 °C.

You can also use a cooling incubator with CO2 fumigation. This incubator serves stem cell research with its functions, as cell cultures can here be researched under sterile conditions while providing ideal growth opportunities. For this purpose, precise gassing of carbon dioxide is made possible in a working range of up to 20 percent.

For an optimal view over your samples, you can buy a cooling incubator with lighting. These incubators are equipped with fluorescent tubes on the side walls so that reproducible lighting conditions are simulated. In this way, the cell cultures are provided with optimal growth conditions while you can enjoy a clear view. In the process, the light can be adjusted to the temperatures or specific times, whereby the light switches on automatically from a temperature of 20 °C, for example, or each day from 09:00.

Which incubator with which function is ideal for you and your laboratory? Thanks to many different options and optional adaptations, you can use exactly the right model for your workspace. Contact us directly for comprehensive advice and enjoy the benefits of our climatic and cooling products.