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Medication storage – storing medications correctly

In medication storage, various factors are important to ensure shelf life. Therefore, special refrigerators are used to ensure the safe storage of medicines. Only if you store medications properly, they will retain their positive effects and remain free of harmful degradation products. Read here what you need for a proper medication storage, so that the products are actually stable until the specified expiration date.

Medication storage at different temperatures

The main focus of medication storage lies on the temperature. So, if you want to store your medications properly, make sure you have a place with constant temperatures. If you work in a laboratory, proper storage is essential to minimize the risk of temperature fluctuations. For this purpose, an average temperature of five degrees Celsius is common. You can use a medical refrigerator for constant conditions. It is equipped with numerous safety devices to maintain the medication storage at the desired temperature. For example, an alarm is activated if the required temperatures are exceeded or undercut.

In the pharmaceutical and industrial sector, you need an additional safety device to ensure the low temperatures while also receiving a message if the temperatures deviate. For this purpose, we at tritec® equip our refrigeration technology with an event list in addition to the alarms, which you can call up via display. Furthermore, a separate power supply for the temperature data, alarms, etc. is optionally supplied in case a power failure occurs.

If particularly low temperatures are required to store medications properly, you can rely on ultra low deep freezers. These are capable of cooling the contents down to -86 °C, which, for example, allows you to store vaccines against COVID-19. In addition, the ultra-low freezers are equipped with similar safety systems as refrigeration and climatic cabinets, which allows you to ensure precise and reliable storage of medications.

Medication storage with tritec®

Especially in Pharma, Research, and Industry, tritec® has established itself as a reliable partner in refrigeration and HVAC technology over the past 35 years. So contact us if you are interested in our equipment or if you would like further advice. You can store your medications properly and additionally acquire climatic products for the observation of samples. For this instance, we produce incubators and sterilizers. In order to ensure a reliable performance, we take care of the qualification of all our products according to GMP and, if necessary, the maintenance or reparation of the devices.