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Laboratory refrigerators from tritec®: quality for your laboratory and your practice

You can safely store sensitive preparations in a laboratory refrigerator, such as samples, medications, and blood preserves, thus protect them from being influenced by temperatures. Our tritec® products have been used for 40 years in laboratories and practices as well as in universities. Over the years, our company has established itself as a specialist in HVAC technology. We are constantly developing our laboratory refrigerators to meet our high quality standards successfully. Our company is certified according to ISO:9001 and our products are GMP-compliant.

The right laboratory refrigerator for every requirement

As a specialist in HVAC technology, we know that the requirements for a laboratory refrigerator vary depending on the type and size of the laboratory and the goods to be stored. Our many years of experience have enabled us to adapt to these factors, therefore we have developed refrigerators for every field of application.

Our smallest laboratory refrigerators hold 140 litres, the largest 2,300 litres. They also vary in the number of doors they are equipped with. The thermal insulation consists of foamed PU foam of up to 75 millimetres.

We also offer combined refrigerators. These have two cooling systems that can be operated independently of each other. This allows you to store different goods of varying sizes and save floor space at the same time. The combined refrigerators also range in their available storage space: the smallest have a storage capacity of 361 litres, while the largest have over 2,300 litres of capacity.

The temperature range of our refrigeration and freezer combination units lies between 3 °C and 16 °C for the refrigeration range and between -9 °C and -30 °C for the freezer range. If you would like to collect and store the cooling data you entered, our TC 2015 temperature controller is the ideal solution. It records the entered data for weeks on selected devices.

Laboratory refrigerators from tritec® adapted to your requirements

The outer housings of our laboratory refrigerators are usually made of galvanized sheet steel or stainless steel. We can also use a glass door, which can optionally be fitted with a door lock. With regard to the lock, it is possible to install a key-operated lock or an electronic lock. If you have special requirements, feel free to contact us and we will look into your request. If you have any questions about our laboratory refrigerators or other tritec® products, our expert staff will be happy to help you.