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Incubator with carbon dioxide supply: applications for CO2 incubators

An incubator with CO2 supply is also called a CO2 incubator. It is currently used, among other things, for the development of tissue as well as cell cultures and thus makes an important contribution to a successful laboratory work and to the medical progress. In contrast to the refrigeration technology like cooling rooms and laboratory deep freezers, incubators usually provide a minimum level of heat for the cultivation of cells.

Sterility is particularly important for the incubator

Therefore, every incubator and cooling incubator by tritec® has rounded corners and smooth surfaces within the interior design. These measures are decisive for successful work as they make cleaning easier and thus prevent any contamination. A fixed sterilisation cycle, that can be started manually, also ensures that the incubator is prepared for the next time it is used.

If the sterility of the interior of the incubator is ensured, the CO2 incubator can be used for different projects.

A CO2 incubator supports your stem cell research and treatment

Stem cell research is one of the most promising fields in the area of modern medicine. The unique environmental conditions in an incubator with CO2 fumigation allow researchers and medical scientists to grow tissues and use them in their treatment of diseases, especially cancer.

The application of stem cells is also well advanced in the field of cardiac surgery. Stem cells allow the cultivation of tissue for use in heart surgery. In the future, this technology could be used to grow heart valves from the body’s own material.

In an incubator, physicians can also prepare the patients’ cells in order to extract their stem cells and use them for various treatments. This technique is already used nowadays, for instance, in plastic surgery, dermatology, orthopaedics, and in the fields of anti-aging. Wound healing can also be optimised using newly cultured cells. Again, effective sterilisation of the interior is of utmost importance.

Skin cultivation: incubator with CO2 gassing can save lives

As already indicated above, an incubator with CO2 fumigation delivers promising results in the field of regenerative medicine. This also applies to the cultivation of skin cells. This form of therapy is particularly important for burns. In such cases, the supply of transplanted, autologous tissue avoids greater scarring and the risk of rejection.

In vitro fertilisation: the storage of embryos in the incubator

Reproductive medicine benefits from the advantages of a CO2 incubator. Fertilisation as well as the first cell divisions preferably take place in the climatically favourable conditions of the interior. Animal embryos, such as cattle, can also be grown safely and comfortably in this way.

Research on biosensors

Biosensors have been known since the 1960s. They are now used in numerous industries. The use of a CO2 incubator ensures that new sensors are tested under optimal conditions.

Incubators with CO2 fumigation by tritec®

The CO2 incubators by tritec® enable you to carry out your experiments under constant conditions. Thanks to our many years of experience and continuous development, we are able to present you with reliable and functional products such as neutralization systems or drying cabinets. Our incubators with optional CO2 gassing are available in different sizes. We even have some important tips before you purchase an incubator.

We are also happy to offer you other products from our cooling incubators to the incubator rooms. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.