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How to buy an incubator: our advice for finding the suitable labware

When you buy an incubator, you can choose from a wide range of different manufacturers. Therefore, you will be faced with the task of examining the existing market, selecting suitable equipment and making a decision that is important for your laboratory. At tritec®, we provide you with some advice to ensure that you buy an incubator that will reliably support your staff and your work.

Buy a new incubator and invest in the future

Buying a new incubator results in a reduction of risks. Through our close collaboration with laboratories,have come to the conclusion that a contamination of a multi-week experiment is a potential risk to your research that may have financial consequences. Such an incident can render the results of your work worthless within a few moments. Therefore, high-quality equipment remains the backbone of your laboratory. Upgrading your technology and buying a new incubator can be more cost-effective than the consequences of contamination.

Buy an incubator at tritec®: our design ensures the safety of your samples

Before you buy an incubator, it is recommened to define your specific requirements very carefully. Furthermore, it is advisable to check and compare the devices in terms of quality features. It is extremely important that they guarantee the purity of your samples at all times. The interior in particular should therefore be easy to clean and have a sleek design. This means that, among other things, the interior should have as few corners or screws as possible, because bacteria can settle in these spaces. At the same time, the interior must be variably adaptable for your purposes. Rely on a solution in which you can determine their number and height yourself each time. At tritec® you can obtain incubators for the flexible arrangement of your samples in different sizes. If you would like to buy an incubator that fits specifically into your laboratory in terms of design, contact us and ask for a special design.

The design of the incubator is also decisive for which application areas it is suitable. You can choose to buy an incubator with natural convection or one with an additional interior fan to distribute the atmosphere homogeneously. Depending on the size of your laboratory, a conventional incubator alone may not be enough. Save valuable space with a compact design, or choose a model that you can stack to create a work corner.

Buy an incubator with easy handling

When you buy an incubator, an easy handling should be an important consideration. Your work in the laboratory involves demanding processes that require the utmost concentration. Intuitive operation, as exhibited by the laboratory devices by tritec®, allows your employees to focus entirely on their respective tasks while you enter the desired parameters on the controller. When it comes to reliable operation at constant temperatures, integrated safety measures have your back. In addition, modern incubators also support the evaluation of your laboratory with comprehensive documentation.

Where the sensors are located is crucial for the accuracy of the measurements. An externally mounted measurement sensor is more complex, but also more prone to error. An indoor sensor, on the other hand, is exposed to high temperatures, so you should pay special attention to the materials here. Plug-in sensors are another alternative.

Buy an incubator and calculate the operating costs

The goal of buying an incubator always is a long-term preparation of your laboratory. Invest in a high-quality unit that takes into account your industry’s standards and relies on current technology to reduce the risk of contamination. In addition to humidity management and, if necessary, well thought-out CO2 fumigation and user-friendly operation, you should also include the ongoing operating costs in your calculation. In addition to the one-time purchase, there are, for example, electricity and maintenance costs that you can reduce by using energy-efficient and reliable laboratory equipment.

Buy an incubator and learn more about the quality of tritec® products

You can buy an incubator suitable for your projects and other products at our company. With almost 40 years of experience, we offer innovative solutions in the branches of climatic products as as well as cooling products. Get refrigeratorsneutralization systems , portable cooling products, and more at tritec®. Of course, even after the purchase of your laboratory equipment, we ensure the long service life of the high-quality devices. Get comprehensive service by tritec®.