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Cooling and climatic products for stability testing

Find a fitting climatic room by tritec® and benefit from years of experience in the field of professional laboratory equipment. We offer you climatic rooms that are produced in high quality and are in accordance with the ICH guidelines.

In 1990, guidelines were established by the FDA, the EU Commission, the MHLW – the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare – as well as several associations of pharmaceutical manufacturers from America, Japan, and the EU. These were intended to harmonize the technical approval criteria for the manufacture of drugs and thus raise the quality of drugs to a uniform standard. This International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use, or ICH for short, has since been the basis for meaningful stability tests.

As a developer of high-quality refrigeration and HVAC technology with many years of experience, that are based on a close cooperation with scientific laboratories, we offer you precise and reliable equipment. That can be adapted to all relevant specifications for the performance of stability testing according to ICH.

A climatic room according to the ICH guidelines

climatic room for stability testing according to ICH guidelines is designed to reliably create optimal conditions for test units that meet the current requirements for short and long-term tests to a very high degree. Thus, our climatic rooms provide you with sound research results.

A climatic room from our production covers a temperature range from -40 to +80 °C. In some cases a temperature of up to -85 °C is even possible. With a humidity between 5 and 95 percent, we offer a wide spectrum for the simulation of the climatic conditions in the respective region. We would be happy to provide you with an offer for a climatic room that is tailored to your needs and specifically designed for your working area. For these designs, please contact us using the form.

Just like the temperature, other environmental parameters can also be reliably set. With a climatic room by tritec® you are able to program additional day and night cycles and the corresponding brightness. Due to the practical sandwich construction, our climatic rooms are designed with self-supporting walls and ceilings. The insulation of a climate room from our production corresponds to heat group 025 according to DIN 4108.

The material used in the interior is sendzimir galvanized sheet steel, which is additionally coated with an antibacterial agent. A climatic room developed by us for stability testing naturally offers the possibility of reliably recording all operating procedures and safety equipment and is equipped with a visual and acoustic alarm.

Request a climatic room at tritec®

We are specialists in the field of cooling technology and climatic products. Therefore, we design the climatic room for your laboratory according to your specifications and in compliance with the ICH guidelines. Please send us the completed inquiry form as a basis for an interview. In addition, we offer numerous high-quality products in the field of HVAC and refrigeration technology that enable you to equip your laboratory according to your needs. Are you looking for laboratory technology that is specifically tailored to your department or premises? Rely on the quality equipment by tritec® as our service supports you in your research. We wish you good luck with your work!