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Combination units by tritec®: A laboratory refrigerator with two temperatures

A laboratory refrigerator is an essential instrument for storing medication according to the current requirements. Therefore, a laboratory refrigerator, that has all of the requirements according to DIN 58345, is a basic equipment of pharmacies, practices, laboratories, clinics and pharmaceutical companies.

We offer you medical refrigerators with two separate temperature ranges. With these, medication with different temperature requirements can be stored professionally. Our combination units offer two separate cooling systems with independent control units that cover a temperature range from 2°C to 8°C and from 8°C to 20°C degrees respectively. The laboratory refrigerators are available with a volume of 280 to 2,300 litres and have two or three doors, depending on the model. All our medicial refrigerators have an antibacterial-coated interior and therefore conform to the highest hygienic requirements.

Laboratory refrigerator with two temperatures: Your advantages

laboratory refrigerator with two temperature ranges is a space-saving way to store different types of medication according to their requirements. At tritec® you get laboratory refrigerators which are characterized by their sophisticated concept, their reliability concerning the safety and the control functions as well as their easy way to operate them. All components for operating the laboratory refrigerator are stored in a box system with simple plug connections. This enables them to be replaced in a fast an flexible way, if required. Our devices include a connection for external fault messages as well as a device for battery charge status and alarm limits as standard.

Depending on the model, we provide you with medical refrigerators with which you can enter the temperature-relevant data via a touch screen and export them via USB or LAN connection. The temperature curve of your laboratory refrigerator with two different temperatures is shown graphically on your display so that it is possible to keep an eye on the temperature development at all times and to intervene immediately in case of complications.

To prevent manipulation, changes to the temperature parameters are password-protected. All events, such as opening the doors, changing the temperature settings and other functions of your laboratory refrigerator, are stored for about four weeks and can be checked by you at any time in the display.

Our modern alarm system enables you, as defined in DIN 58345, to perceive alarms with several sensory organs simultaneously. In the event of an alarm you receive both an optical and an acoustic message.

The acoustic alarm can also be muted for a period of three minutes, but will sound again after this time if the problem persists. Like all changes, the alarm is turned off through password protection. You will be alerted about incidents such as an under- or overtemperature in the cooling area, power failure, exceeding of defrost time, failure of the temperature sensor or, optionally, door openings. In addition, you can store 100 conditions yourself.

Our refrigerators with two different temperature ranges offer you modern, space-saving and high-quality cooling systems for your laboratory. Optionally, we can equip your laboratory refrigerator with additional accessories, such as software for measurement monitoring.

tritec® offers a custom-made laboratory deep freezer

On request, we can also manufacture custom-made products with other temperature ranges or in other sizes. The production of laboratory deep freezers is also possible.

For questions and further information as well as for special productions, you can contact us using the form. We support your research with a laboratory refrigerator for different temperature ranges by tritec®.