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Application of refrigeration technology in medicine

In medicine, whether in clinics or pharmaceutical laboratories, the reliability of refrigeration technology is decisive for the successful work of your company. Depending on the field and specialisation, you need different refrigeration technology in the clinic and laboratory, from cooling incubators to medical refrigerators. We introduce you to the various refrigeration technology from the field of medicine that you can use at work.

Refrigeration technology for medicine from tritec®

One of the obvious solutions for the pharmaceutical industry is the efficient medical refrigerator. As the name suggests, this is where you store medicines and vaccines at previously defined, constant temperatures. Furthermore, you can use certified blood bank refrigerators, which enable a safe supply of patients. The various devices are characterised by a high degree of reliability and precision and ensure optimal storage of medicines, vaccines, and blood banks.

A high degree of flexibility is necessary so that refrigeration technology can actually be used in medicine. Every clinic is built differently and has different requirements to accommodate the necessary technology. For this reason, we offer compact table-top units as well as multi-wing refrigerators with a volume of 2,300 litres. In addition, you can individualise the units with numerous optional features and thus adapt them perfectly to your conditions and your specialty.

Additional HVAC technology

Refrigeration technology is of great importance for medicine in order to store sensitive substances. At the same time, HVAC technology also takes on an important role, because research and development often depend on higher temperatures with special humidity. Of course, refrigeration technology is found in the laboratory as well, for example when spark resistant laboratory refrigerators are used for working with highly flammable substances or chemicals. However, special incubator rooms are needed to grow various microorganisms in a higher temperature range including simulation of day and night rhythms as well as a precisely defined humidity. In addition, you can create very special working areas, for example with a climatic cabinet with CO2-fumigation, which you might need for your samples.

As with refrigeration technology, medicine can rely on a variety of different models with different or complementary functions. We rely on modern technologies that offer you various advantages. For example, our special temperature controllers in combination with high-quality insulation ensure an ideal interplay of user-friendliness, energy efficiency, and reliability. Intuitively programme automatic operating sequences on a cooling incubator and combine convenience with manpower.

Whether you purchase a medical refrigerator, an incubator or a blood bank refrigerator from tritec®, you will always receive innovative and precise equipment that makes full use of your technical possibilities for more safety, user-friendliness and energy efficiency. Benefit from reliable support in your team for many years to come, get to know the products and the corresponding accessories very well and make use of our service. Both our HVAC and refrigeration technology are ideally suited for medicine and your laboratory work. See for yourself.