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What you should consider when buying a climatic cabinet

Which climatic cabinet should you buy? With our advice you will quickly find the right solution. Climatic cabinets are designed for continuous operation and should create constant climatic conditions over a long period of time. Reliable instruments are essential for the accurate performance of experiments or the storage of samples. Before buying a new climatic cabinet for your laboratory, you should pay attention to a few points. In addition to general quality characteristics, it also depends on your requirements and spatial starting conditions to know which device is best suited for you. High quality climatic cabinets from tritec® are available in various designs depending on your requirements.

Creating perfect climatic conditions

Consistent conditions are of great importance when you buy a climatic cabinet. Here, the interaction of temperature and relative humidity is decisive. Please note, however, that the climatic descriptions refer to the condition without contents. If your climatic cabinet is loaded, the ventilation technology also plays an important role. A distinction is made between horizontal and vertical movements when it comes to air flow. This ensures that the same climatic conditions are provided in all areas and shelving levels.

You have various options to choose from for humidification, depending on the spatial conditions of your laboratory, among other things. According to the design, you can buy a climatic cabinet that is, for example, directly connected to the local pipes. This enables an automatic supply of distilled water. Other designs, on the other hand, use water tanks that supply a climatic cabinet with distilled water. With this alternative, you should note that the canisters must be emptied and refilled manually. Usually, the devices show a corresponding warning on the display when empty.

The most common humidification systems are steam or ultrasonic humidifiers. In a steam humidifier, the water used is continuously kept at a temperature of 100 °C and thus sterilized. If hydrogenation is required in the climatic cabinet, humidification can be initiated immediately. If you want to buy a climatic cabinet from tritec® you will mainly rely on ultrasonic technology. There, the water is conducted into the interior in very fine droplets and then evaporates.

Optionally, the device can be equipped with an illumination system. To ensure uniform illumination of the climatic cabinet, you can have appropriate luminaires installed above each shelf level. Vertical irradiation of your samples is particularly suitable, as the installed sensors can thus better assess the required radiation energy and the irradiation duration.

Enhance the longevity of your climatic cabinet

In addition to the technology used, the water quality also has an influence on the results of your tests and the whereabouts of your samples in the already mentioned humidification of climatic cabinets. The water should be free of salt and have a conductivity of less than 20 µS per centimeter.

To ensure that your new device can be used reliably for a long time after you bought the climatic cabinet, you should pay attention to other additional aspects. To avoid corrosion, tritec® builds as many elements as possible in the interior, such as the heat exchanger, with resistant stainless steel. For this purpose, the doors should be sealed several times so that external influences can have as little effect as possible on the climate inside. This way, you get the best possible quality.

In addition, climatic cabinets with real-time program can save you a lot of time and effort. This allows you to make precise schedules and plan your test series to the minute. With manual programming, calculation errors can quickly occur. Take a look at the range of climatic cabinets we offer you at tritec®. Based on your requirements, you can obtain climatic cabinets with CO2-fumigationclimatic cabinets with lighting, and climatic cabinets for stability testing in addition to the standard models. With our instructions for purchasing new laboratory equipment, you are sure to find the right model for your application in our selection. If you have any questions about our devices, please do not hesitate to contact us.