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Portable deep freezer and cooling boxes for the laboratory

Portable devices such as cooling and deep freezer boxes are a valuable addition in the laboratory. They allow the safe transport of sensitive preparations for further use at their place of operation or in another laboratory. Likewise, the portable devices are important companions in rescue services, as blood reserves and organ transplants, among other things, can be transported and protected at a constant temperature. If a transplant is needed at another location, it can be safely transported over long distances, including by air, and brought to its place of use.

Easy transport in portable deep freezer boxes from one laboratory to another

Portable cooling and deep freezer boxes allow a laboratory to ship or receive sensitive specimens. Maintaining the cold chain is of great importance. To ensure a constant temperature at all times, the units are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the cooler can be equipped with a radio data logger system that regularly measures and stores the temperature. In this way, you keep track and can ensure and prove the temperature trend.

The boxes are also suitable for transporting samples as well as vaccines and medicines. Even long distances can be covered, as the portable coolers are well insulated and can be powered by external power sources during transport. Over longer distances, the boxes can be operated with a voltage switch of 12 or 24 volts direct current as well as a mains connection of 230 volts alternating current.

Portable cooling boxes for laboratories in high quality

The portable deep freezer and cooling boxes for the laboratory are made of high-quality materials. The housing is sturdy to optimally protect the preparations on longer journeys. With evaporators on the side walls, the temperature is always evenly distributed so that every sample is stored under the same conditions. An integrated alarm system reports strong temperature fluctuations, such as when the interior of the unit becomes too warm, so that the carriers can intervene directly and maintain the cold chain.

Portable cooling and deep freezer boxes in the laboratory are available by tritec® in two different temperature versions: one expanding from -24 °C to +10 °C and the other one from -24 °C to +40 °C. Thanks to these selection options, you receive a cooling box according to your needs, with which you can set the optimum temperature for each preparation. In addition, the boxes are available with different volumes, in sizes of 22, 32, 56, and 82 litres. The models can be carried by hand for flexible use.

Portable cooling and deep freezer boxes  as well as other equipment by tritec®

With our portable cooling and deep freezer boxes as well as numerous other devices by tritec®, our wealth of experience of almost 40 years comes in sight. In close cooperation with laboratories we design high-quality cooling products as well as climatic products. Whether you are in search of ice makersdeep freezers or diverse rooms – we offer you comprehensive service. We are glad to be there for you.