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Neutralization systems for the purification of laboratory water

Neutralization systems are used to clean chemically contaminated laboratory water. For this purpose, acids and alkalis are added at several intervals and the pH value is permanently checked until the specified setpoint is reached. Through this neutralization, the used laboratory water can be safely discharged into the wastewater system. In the following, we will show you how the contaminated water is cleaned using a neutralization system from tritec®.

Procedure within the neutralization system

The work of the neutralization system begins by collecting the chemically contaminated laboratory water in a storage tank. A centrifugal pump and a solenoid valve then ensure that the water is fed into the system.

When the maximum fill level on the inside is reached, the inlet valve closes automatically. A mixing channel pump switches on for this purpose. To determine the exact pH value of the laboratory water, the neutralization tanks are circulated. To do this, set a specific circulation time and a desired pH value. Often, this pH value is already reached here and the contents are pumped out into the canal. When pumping out of the neutralization system, the pH value is additionally recorded to ensure complete documentation.

If the pH value still deflects after the circulation time, acids or alkalis are used by electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps. These pumps are monitored by a level switch so that the dosing process is automatically interrupted when the pumps reach their minimum level – in addition, an optical and acoustic signal is triggered. The neutralization system adds acids or alkalis at intervals and permanently measures the pH value to prevent the laboratory water from tipping over.

This operating process repeats itself independently and automatically until the setpoint is reached. This is followed by a variably adjustable post-mixing time before the neutralized wastewater is pumped into the drain. If the minimum fill level is now reached within the neutralization system, the pump switches off.

As you would expect from our refrigeration and HVAC technology, you can expand the neutralization system according to your needs. For example, we offer a sludge trap, a filter press or heavy metal precipitation. Contact us to get a neutralization system according to your wishes.